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Calm down and rock on; Apple isn’t adding DRM to your music


The only problem is when you start deleting files without a backup. Don’t do that.

No, you won’t lose all your DRM-free iTunes music. At least, not without deleting your actual files and not having a backup. Apple isn’t adding DRM to your iTunes files, either.

The reality here is that Apple will not automatically remove any iTunes music files you own on your computer and replace it with a digital rights managed (DRM) file.

However, the convergence of iTunes Match, Apple Music, and the new iCloud Music Library can be confusing, and there is a small potential to re-download files you’ve deleted from your Mac as DRM-protected Apple Music files.

Luckily, the folks at iMore have a pretty fantastic, clear explanation of what’s going down here, and a pretty neat way to check and see which of your music files have been matched, uploaded, or purchased. Even John Gruber linked to it, so you know it’s good.

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Apple Music could put a serious hurt on your iPhone battery

Apple Music

Please, please, please let my charge last all day.

We’ve had a couple days to check out Apple Music, Apple’s song-streaming platform that launched Tuesday. It comes loaded with 30 million songs that you can listen to on demand with a quick search or a request to Siri.

But all that choice and tech power may come at a price, as some users are reporting that the new Music app is killing their iPhone’s battery life.

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Home Sharing taken out of iOS 8.4, confounding users

Did Apple remove Home Sharing from iOS so you'd have to try Apple Music?

Did Apple remove Home Sharing from iOS so you’d have to try Apple Music?

If you’ve upgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS 8.4 in order to take advantage of the insanely great Apple Music, you won’t be able to use Home Sharing to play the iTunes music from your Mac via your iOS device any more.

Several fans took to the Apple discussion pages to note that Home Sharing is no longer accessible on their mobile devices, killing their media setups.

“Before today,” writes forum user ddrucker, “I could bring up the entire library on my iPhone/iPad and play it through my earphones.”

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Keep your kids ‘safe’ and remove swear words from Apple Music

Parental Advisory label

Apple Music streams music bleep-free unless you take some action.

Apple Music is the latest way to stream a ridiculous number of tunes on demand. And with all that variety, you’re going to get some cursing in there. It’s just how a lot of musicians work.

But if you don’t want to hear all of those bleepables and swears, it’s a pretty quick fix to keep it from showing up in your stream. Here’s how to do it.

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Vibrant new iPod colors revealed in iTunes update


Apple revealed some new iPod colors in the iTunes 12.2 update.

You may have written off the iPod as something Apple doesn’t care to breathe new life into by this point, but the iPod is exactly what appears to be getting an update. Alongside the release of iTunes 12.2 to support Apple Music, some users quickly discovered that images of the iPod family within the app feature new, unreleased colors.

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How to listen to Beats 1 on Android and iOS 6 devices right now

Beats 1 is already available on Android... kind of. Photo: Apple

Beats 1 is already available on Android… kind of. Photo: Apple

Apple Music isn’t available on Android yet — though it is coming — but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on Beats 1 radio. Thanks to a new web app, you can tune into the 24/7 worldwide broadcast on Android and other unsupported devices right away.

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You aren’t going crazy: iTunes’ Apple Music update still MIA [Update: or not]

iTunes 12.2

iTunes 12.2: Coming sometime that isn’t right now when you need it.

If you’ve been playing around with Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad today, you might have wondered at some point what it’s like to listen to on your desktop computer.

You’ll have to keep wondering, though, because the iTunes update you need to listen to Apple Music isn’t out yet.

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Apple denies pulling non-Apple Music artists from iTunes

Jimmy Iovine talks up Apple Music at WWDC 2015.

Jimmy Iovine talks up Apple Music at WWDC 2015.

An Apple spokesperson claims that the company will not remove artists who decline to sign up for Apple Music from the iTunes Store.

This is the latest development in the tense negotiations leading up to the streaming service’s launch on June 30, with indie musicians and labels claiming that Apple is trying to bully and coerce them into putting their music on the new platform.

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Apple hopes to secure 100 million subscribers with new music streaming service

Apple has big ambitions for its new music streaming service.

Apple has big ambitions for its new music streaming service.

Apple is expected to announce its long-awaited music streaming service during the WWDC keynote later today, and despite tough competition from the likes of Spotify, the company has incredibly ambitious plans to sign up 100 million subscribers.

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Kanye’s new album might be released as free iTunes exclusive

Yeezus is ready to launch Apple's new music streaming service.

Yeezus is ready to launch Apple’s new music streaming service.

Kanye West was part of Jay Z’s small army of megastars that helped launch Tidal, but when it comes to his next album, Ye is reportedly looking to take the U2 route by releasing it on iTunes for free.

According to a new rumor on Twitter, Apple and Kanye are joining forces for the launch of the company’s new music streaming service. As a gift to the fans, Yeezy has agreed to release his new album ‘Swish’ for free after Apple paid him nearly double what he expected to make of album sales.

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