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iOS 9 will raise iTunes Match song limit to 100,000

iTunes Match is getting a big upgrade.

iTunes Match is getting a big upgrade from its early days.

With one day to go until Apple Music officially launches with iOS 8.4, Eddy Cue has revealed that Music’s iTunes Match integration will soon let users upload 100,000 of their own songs to iCloud for streaming at any time.

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iTunes Match users: It might be time to switch to Google Play Music

It might be time to switch to Google Play Music. Photo: Cult of Mac

It might be time to switch to Google Play Music. Photo: Cult of Mac

It’s not often that Google incontrovertibly one-ups Apple on anything but search, but the company just scored a small but sizable advantage over Cupertino in at least one regard: music storage space.

Google expanded its Google Play Music service Wednesday to match, store and stream 50,000 tracks, twice what Apple allows iTunes Match paid users. Even better for listeners with large libraries? Google Play Music is free.

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iTunes Match Comes To Scandinavia


If you’re a Dane, a Swede, a Fin, or a Norse who likes having all his or her music in the clouds of Valhalla, or just wants to legitimize your pirated Lordi collection, good news: iTunes Match has come to Scandinavia.

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Amazon Makes Cloud Player Available On Mac


Amazon announced this morning that it has updated its desktop Cloud Player to include support for Mac, after launching the desktop app earlier this year on PC only.

Cloud Player for Mac allow Mac users to manage their entire music library regardless of whether you’re online or offline. The app also lets you shop for music on on Amazon’s catalog of over 25 million songs. 

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It’s Not You – How To Know When Apple Services Are Down

It may be you, but now you know, right?

It may be you, but now you know, right?

Apple reported some system outages early Wednesday, with multiple services going down between 9:30 and 11:00 am. Game Center and FaceTime were also down for a shorter period of time around 9:30, an outage lasting till 9:45 or so. Here’s what that looks like:

Multiple Services – 9:28 AM – 10:57 AM – Some users were affected
Users may have been unable to make purchases from the App Store, iTunes Store, Mac App Store, or iBookstore. Users may also have been unable to access iTunes in the Cloud, iTunes Match, or restore purchases from an iCloud backup.

If you were trying to connect to the App, iTunes, or Mac App Stores during this time (or the iBookstore), you may have had trouble. You may have had trouble accessing iTunes in the Cloud, iTunes Match, or restoring purchases from an iCloud backup. It wasn’t you, luckily, but Apple.

Here’s how to find out in the future whether it’s you, or Apple, that’s not letting you use the services.

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Apple To Partner With McDonalds, Nissan, Pepsi And P&G For iTunes Radio Ads


Apple’s Pandora-like competitor, iTunes Radio, is gearing up for a fall launch, but before Apple can stream songs to iOS devices across the U.S. for free, it’s got to find someone to help pay for it all, so it’s recruited some of the biggest brands in the world to supply it with ads.

The list of brand partners participating in the iTunes Radio launch will include McDonalds, Nissan, Pepsi and Procter & Gamble — all of which get exclusivity within their industries until the end of 2013.

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Latest Apple TV Beta Introduces iTunes Radio, Conference Room Mode


iTunes Radio won’t just be available on your iOS devices, but also on your Apple TV, according to a new beta release now available to registered developers. The update also adds some other minor features, and makes improvements to Home Sharing to make it more reliable.

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Apple’s Unveils iTunes Radio, Its Take On Pandora [WWDC 2013]


The rumors were right. Apple has unveiled iTunes Radio (previously dubbed ‘iRadio” by the rumor mill) in the iOS 7 Music app. The service works a lot like Pandora. You can create stations based on artists you like and share what you’re listening to over social networks.

There are featured stations as well as the collection you create based on your own tastes. iTunes Radio is built into iOS 7, the Apple TV, and an upcoming version of iTunes.

The service is free with ads, and if you have an iTunes Match subscription, there are no ads.

Mastering iCloud On Your Mac [Feature]


iCloud is a pretty neat system, working in the background across a ton of different apps without much input needed from us users, except our login name and password. It lets you sync Notes, Reminders, save documents, keep game saved-states, and even manage your music collection

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Mastering iCloud On Your Mac: Manage Your iTunes Match Settings [OS X Tips]


iTunes Match lets you access your music library from any Mac and any iOS device, as long as you are authenticated to each one. It uses the power of iCloud to see what music tracks you own, so you don’t have to sync each individual track to each device like the olden days. With iTunes Match enabled, you can play and download tracks to up to ten different iOS, Mac or Apple TV devices you log in to. Here’s how to manage your subscription.

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