Developer Confirms OS X 10.8.1 Update Significantly Improves MacBook Battery Life


OS X 10.8.1 could give your MacBook another 4 hours of playtime.
OS X 10.8.1 could give your MacBook another 4 hours of playtime.

When Apple released OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) back in July, one of the few things users complained about was its impact on MacBook battery life. The software seemingly contains a frustrating bug that causes some of Apple’s notebooks to lose around 38% of their normal charge.

Apple has been working on a fix that will be distributed with the OS X 10.8.1 update. And according to one registered developer who’s currently testing the beta, it significantly improves battery life by adding up to four hours.

Apple Fixes App Store Bug And Allows iOS 3.1.3 Users To Download New Apps Again



Following a report published yesterday that detailed the problems users were having when attempting to download apps from the App Store under iOS 3.1.3, Apple has quietly issued another App Store update today to rectify the issue. Those who are still running this firmware on their iPhone or iPod touch should now be able to download new apps directly to their devices again.

iPhone 4S Users Around The World Report Frequent Loss of Service For No Apparent Reason



It seems early iPhone 4S adopters the world over have discovered a new issue with Apple’s latest handset. No, it has nothing to do with poor battery life, but rather a complete loss of signal for no apparent reason. To be clear, this isn’t a new “antennagate” — the issue does not occur while holding the device in a certain position — it’s a new problem that causes the device to lose its signal randomly. Users report they can be enjoying a full five-bar signal one minute, then be greeted by that frustrating “No Service” status the next.

Apple Quietly Issues a Fix for Flickering Cinema Displays on Thunderbolt Macs



If you’ve got a new Thunderbolt-capable Mac and you’ve got it hooked up a 24-inch Cinema Display, you’ve probably encountered a bit of flickering every now and again. I know I have, and so have a number of users on Apple’s discussion forums.

Thankfully, Apple has issued to firmware update to resolve the issue, but it won’t be coming via Software Update.

Apple Begins Issuing MobileMe Refund Checks [Cha-Ching]



Apple has started to issue refund checks for MobileMe subscriptions. My check arrived from Apple today. Have you gotten yours? And I know what you are thinking — yes I’ve spent mine already. On Apple stuff no less.

If you haven’t asked for a refund it might not be too late.  Here’s the information about MobileMe refunds for those of you that might have missed the news last month.