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Lust List: Gear that will take your adventures over the top

Lust List: Heart-pumping, dart-thumping gear (and a blinkin’ Apple book)

iRig HD Hooks Your Guitar Up To Your Lightning-Powered iOS Device

There are a whole bunch of ways a guitarist can hook his axe up to his iPhone, from fancy to totally ghetto (a cable from the guitar’s jack to the iPhone’s headphone socket). IK’s new iRig HD is at the fancy end, and it even works with your brand-new iPhone’s Lightning socket.

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IKlip Studio iPad Stand Is Sturdy Enough For Rock Stars

IKlip Studio iPad Stand Is Sturdy Enough For Rock Stars

Sturdy, cheap (-ish) and flexible. There's a lot to like about the iKlip

You know, I used to think custom iPad stands were kind of a dumb idea, especially as the Smart Cover is already a stand. But I watch movies and TV shows in bed with The Lady, using an iPad and JamBox balanced on one of those breakfast tray/table things. And after one too many iPad tumbles, I’m ready for a sturdier stand.

And the iKlip looks as good as any.

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Plug Your Guitar into your iPhone and iPad with this DIY iRig


No way would I ever plug in my Gibson SG Les Paul Custom into my iPhone 3G. Just no way. Now that I have the iPhone 4 and its increased processor speed, crystal clear pictures, and hardcore stage presence, I’ll reconsider.

Seriously though, playing an instrument through an iDevice is more of just a hobby or gimmick if you’re going to try and use it for modeling amps and effect pedals. What really convinced me to hook up a quarter inch jack to my phone was the Moog Filtatron App. Synthesizers are most certainly perfect for and acceptable to use in your music even if they’re coming from you Macbook or iPad. If they have the Moog name attatched to it then you’re just that much more legit.

If you have a box full of cables tucked away somewhere, you may have all that you need to construct your very own iRig. Even if you purchased all the cables from The Shack, you’ll probably come away with a cheaper version, and you’ll feel like MacGyver.

Here’s how I put together my own audio interface:

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