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Get Two Great Deals: iPhone App Interface Design For Beginners And Pixa [Deals]


Cult of Mac Deals has assembled a wide variety of promotional offers over the years, and this time around we’ve got two that will appeal to anyone who’s trying to learn more, build better-looking apps and workflows, and save money all in one go.

First up is the iPhone App Interface Design For Beginners course, which will teach you how to build better-looking apps. We’ve also got Pixa, an app that will easily organize your images and build a better workflow in the process. You can get the iPhone App Interface Design For Beginners course for only $29 and Pixa for just $9.99 – all thanks to Cult of Mac Deals!

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PhotoScope- Browse Your Entire iPhoto And Aperture Libraries From Your iPhone Or iPad

PhotoScope- Browse Your Entire iPhoto And Aperture Libraries From Your iPhone Or iPad

How about an app which lets you view your entire iPhoto or Aperture library on your iPad, without syncing, and without having either of the Mac apps running? That’s PhotoScope, a $5 universal app for iPad and iPhone which does just that.

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iPhoto For iOS Saves Edits Back To And Deletes Photos From Camera Roll

This will actually delete the photo from your iPad. Careful now!

IPhoto 2.0 for iOS has two amazing new features that no other photo editing has, nor will have for the foreseeable future: It can write its edits directly back to the iOS Camera Roll, and it can delete photos from the Camera Roll. This pretty much means you can now do all your photo organizing right from the app.

Federico Viticci, the sleepy-eyed sexpot founder of Mac Stories, made this discovery by the unusual means of actually reading the release notes of the app. And thank God he did, because it makes iPhoto around a zillion times more useful.

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iPhoto For iOS Gets Organized, iPhoto For Mac Remains As Lame As Ever

Filters, sharing, and no more hideous textures in the interface.

Filters, sharing, and no more hideous textures in the interface.

Oh man, how cool is the new Retina iPad mini for photographers? Not only has it got that sweet new hi-res display, it can now be had with 128GB RAM. That alone makes it pretty great for viewing and editing your photos, but there’s also a new version of iPhoto for iOS. But does it improve on the last excellent-but-flawed version of iPhoto on the iPad? Does it play nice with the Mac version of iPhoto? Let’s see.

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Apple Accidentally Leaks Flat New Icons For iWork, iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband


Apple’s obviously not going to rest until all of their appshave gone flat, and the next obvious contenders are the icons for Apple’s App Store apps, including the iWork suite, iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband. But what will they look like? Wonder no longer: Apple accidentally leaked their new icons on the official built-in apps page for the iPhone 5s.

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Pixa Update Adds Full-Page Web Snapper And Way Better Search


Pixa is our favorite alternative to iPhoto for the Mac, and it just got a solid v1.1 update. In addition to lots of polish (some of which you will have already seen in the recent 1.0.x updates), Pixa now makes snapping images and searching hem a whole lot easier.

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Apple Updates iLife Apps For iOS With Compatibility Fixes


Apple has pushed out updates for its three iLife for iOS apps today that includes a number of compatibility fixes. iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand for iOS were all updated with compatibility fixes, while GarageBand also received some minor bug fixes for performance and stability.

With the official iOS 7 launch just weeks away, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple is prepping the apps to play nice with the new OS, although we expect the icons and UI to get a redesign shortly after iOS 7 comes out.

Get Your iTunes Ready For School With Tunes Cleaner #BackToSchool [Deals]

CoM - itunescleaner_mainframe_630x473

This is #BackToSchool week at Cult of Mac Deals. There will be several new deals launching each day. Check in here each day for new deals for #BackToSchool. There will be a ton of apps, gear, gadgets, games, and more to buy just in time for the start of school, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for deals that have school — and savings — in mind.

The last thing you want when you get back to school is to wade through tons of digital clutter. Not only does it slow you down, but it can slow your Mac down if you’ve maxed out its internal drive with music, photos, and documents.

So before you hit the books again, breathe some new life into your Mac by cleaning out your Mac and claiming back some of that much-needed space on your drive. Here are some of the areas you should focus just a little bit of time on so that you can return to school with a cleaner, more organized Mac.

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Corel Makes Its Mark Once Again With AfterShot Pro [Deals]

CoM - corelaftershotpro

Remember Corel? They were the company behind CorelDRAW, which was arguably the most popular vector graphics editor software of its time. The company hasn’t exactly gone away over the years, but they’ve been less inclined to throw their name on products. Corel has acquired a slew of companies (including Roxio and Pinnacle), but I’ve rarely seen the name “Corel” on many products since the days of CorelDRAW.

AfterShot Pro changed that — and it can change how you deal with photos on your Mac. And AfterShot Pro is just $39.99 for limited time through Cult of Mac Deals.

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The Mac Variety Bundle 4.0: Get 8 Useful Apps That Will Enhance Your Mac [Deals]

CoM - mac_variety_4

Let’s cut to the chase – this bundle offers a variety of tools you can use that will simply enhance your Mac. Whether you want to run Windows-based programs on it with CrossOver Mac 12, get better image management with Sparkbox, or clear out all of the little things uninstalled apps leave behind with CleanApp, these 8 apps will add something to your Mac that you may not already have.

The apps included in this offer are valued at $333 – but now you can get all the goods for only $39 with The Mac Variety Bundle 4.0!

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