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Stunningly Simple iPhone Stand Offers Flexible Form And Function

Easy to use, easy to store.

Easy to use, easy to store.

Need a way to hold your iPhone up in portrait or landscape mode? Hate wrapping it in some bulky case that hides the natural tech-beauty of Apple’s best smartphone design?

The Breffo GumStick aims to solve your problems, friends, with a minimalist iPhone stand that looks–and works–like a stick of gum.

“The Breffo GumStick is deceptively simple to use,” said Breffo CEO Patrick Mathews in a statement. “It feels perfect in your hand and entices you to want to hold it and mold it.”

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Hands-on with Glif, An Incredibly Useful iPhone 4 Stand with a Story [Macworld 2011]

I’ve been keeping my eye out for a basic, inexpensive iPhone stand for a while now. I use my iPhone as an alarm clock at night and I’ve needed something to keep it propped up. Well I’m happy to report I’ve found my solution, it’s called the Glif.

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Do Some Office Origami for This Cool iPhone Dock


This print and fold iPhone stand looks like something from Muji: chic, simple and functional.

It’s the handiwork of French industrial designer Julien Madérou, who kindly provided a downloadable template.


If you’ve got dexterous hands (or just the patience to watch the instructional video) and some heavy paper (270 gsm or 100 lb. cover), you can do it yourself.

Via Make

Handful of Pencils, Four Rubber Bands = iPhone stand

Handful of Pencils, Four Rubber Bands = iPhone stand

After the binder clip stand, here’s another way to prop up your iPhone that you can make from everyday office supplies, courtesy the enterprising folks at Geeky Gadgets who were looking for an impromptu stand to better watch the presidential inauguration.

Here’s how:

You’ll need four or five pencils, probably five to support an iPhone 3g.

Take two pencils with one rubber band at either end to make the horizontal phone support. Then make a triangle using two more pencils. Add the final pencil as the back support. You can adjust stability and support given by tightening the top rubber band.

One caveat: If you have a slippery desk, try making the stand with pencils that have erasers, putting the eraser end on the desk for added support.

More photos, details on Geeky Gadgets

Handy Wooden iPhone Stand

Handy Wooden iPhone Stand

Cradle your iPhone in this artisan-carved iPhone stand made to look like a hand.

Made by a Tulsa-based carver, the oak stand holds your iPhone or iPhone 3g in its palm and then slides out vertically when you need it.

Not for everyone — especially with a $95 price tag — it would go nicely with your wood-look iPod case or wooden MacBook Case.

Via Geek Sugar

How To: iPhone Binder Clip Stand

How To: iPhone Binder Clip Stand

How To: iPhone Binder Clip Stand
Inspired by our previous post on an iPhone stand from a standard binder clip, CoM reader Rich Sipe took matters into hand and fashioned another one, a bit more complex than the first one but it looks like it’ll give you a sturdy stand out of pinched office materials.

More on Instructables, too.

iPhone Stand From Binder Clip

iPhone Stand From Binder ClipiPhone Stand From Binder Clip

iPhone stands don’t get much simpler, or cheaper, than a standard binder clip. We like.

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