Apple’s Official WWDC 2012 App Could Be Your First Glimpse At iOS 6’s New iPhone Look

Expect to see a lot more of this color in iOS 6.
Expect to see a lot more of this color in iOS 6.

The core apps and features in Apple’s iOS operating system have looked largely the same since the original iPhone made its debut back in 2007. Put certain iOS 5 apps — Calendar, Contacts, Maps, YouTube — alongside those from the original iPhone OS and you’ll notice hardly any difference.

However, Apple could be gearing up to make some changes in iOS 6 that will introduce a fresh new look to the iPhone. This summer we could be waving goodbye to that traditional iPhone blue that has adorned iOS apps for the past five years and saying hello to sexy silver.

Apple Pulls Its Own Texas Hold’em Game From The App Store



Apple’s Texas Hold’em game was one of the first titles I purchased from the App Store when it opened for business in 2008, and the only game Apple has developed for iOS devices. And while it was a fantastic purchase at the time, the Cupertino company hasn’t exactly been committed to maintaining its popularity.

Its last update came in September 2008, and today, the game has been removed from the App Store completely.