Great tech gift ideas for people on the go [Deals]


This travel gear will make life easier for the road warriors on your gift list.
This travel gear will make life easier for the road warriors on your gift list.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

One of the best parts of modern tech is that you can take it anywhere. Not so great is how much traveling with technology can become complicated by, well, traveling, especially in the car. We’ve rounded up some of the best gift ideas for anyone who likes to get around and stay connected.

The MiDocks Unibody Dock Holds Any iPhone With A Stylish, Elegant Form [Review]



Having finally fulfilled its Kickstarter premium rewards with backer MiDocks units, manufacturer Mi has begun selling black and a silver brushed aluminum MiDock on its own web store.

MiDocks by Mi
Category: iPhone Docks
Works With: iPhone, iPad Mini
Price: £34.00 (about $53.00)

This unibody iPhone dock is lightweight, solid, and has a fairly impressive look about it, as if Apple or Twelve South could have designed it. It’s a wonderful first effort from the company, and backers and early adopters alike will find much to like about the MiDocks they bring into their homes.

The Projectone iPhone Dock Is The Perfect Dose Of Industrial Design Your Desk Needs [Review]



For the past six year that I’ve owned an iPhone, not once have I thought about buying a dock. What’s the point? You’ve got your cable right there anyway, and unless it adds some great functionality to the iPhone, I’ve never seen much point in them. But the Projectone from Karas Kustoms has changed my opinion on the usefulness of iPhone docks.

Projectone by Karas Kustoms
Category: iPhone Dock
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $45

The Projectone is a machined aluminum dock for your iPhone 5 that passively amplifies sound like a megaphone. Its simplistic style and industrial stylings make it one of the best-looking iPhone docks we’ve seen in a while, but is it actually worth its $45 price tag?

You Can Make Your Own iPhone 5 Lightning Dock For $20 With This Lego Set



It doesn’t look like Apple is going to be making its own dock for the iPhone 5 and its new Lightning connector. You could go the third-party route and order something like this unofficial Lightning Dock from TLD, or you could get creative and use Legos.

There’s a 42-peice Lego set available online that’s specifically designed to create a minimalistic dock for the iPhone 5, and it looks awesome.