These accessories will give your iDevices a new lease on life [Deals]

Take your iPhone or iPad to the next level with these cool accessories.
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You love your iPhone, you love your iPad, but what if you could make them even more worthy of your (let’s be honest, slightly creepy) affection?

We’ve found four peripherals that’ll enhance, protect and expand the capabilities of your favorite iDevice. From glow-in-the-dark charging cables to slim charging cases and flexible mounts, there’s something here anybody can enjoy. Take a look!

Versatile leather iPhone case lets you stow your earbuds [Reviews]


guardian-leather-iphone-6-6s-wallet-case - 1
This wallet case holds more than just cards and cash.
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Touted as “the ultimate iPhone leather case” by its creators, the Guardian Leather case for iPhone 6 and 6s is a new wallet-style accessory with a campaign that just launched on Indiegogo. It’s designed with various functions in mind, but the focus on music takes the cake: You can control the volume from the outside of the case and even store your earbuds along the side of it.

I spent some time with the Guardian Leather to test the various functions it promises to deliver and the overall quality of the case. If you’re a fan, you have plenty of time to back the Indiegogo project — just under one month left.

Pad & Quill’s new wood cases for iPhone are tougher than steel


These wood cases are harder than steel.
These wood cases are harder than steel.
Photo: Pad & Quill

Longtime Cult of Mac readers know I can be a sucker for wood. It’s a material with integrity, and I like the way it juxtaposes with Apple’s preferred design materials of metal and glass. I loved using Monolith’s beautiful wood veneers with my old iPhone 5. And I can’t wait to try Pad & Quill’s new gorgeous wood cases for the latest iPhones.

iPhone case lets you record phone conversations


The JIC case for iPhone lets you instantly begin recording a phone conversation with the touch of a button.
The JIC case for iPhone lets you instantly begin recording a phone conversation with the touch of a button.
Photo: JIC

There’s no great way to record phone conversations. Apps and recording services come with fees and limitations. There’s my clunky way – putting the phone on speaker with my digital recorder nearby – but I will often lose a good quote from some sudden outside noise.

A company in Israel wants to mass produce a simple solution with an iPhone case that has a built-in recorder to pick up both sides of the conversation with the press of a button.

iPhone-hugging leather case won’t go soft around the edges


This one should last and last without dropping your cards out.
This one should last and last without dropping your cards out.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Lust List: Leather Wallet Case 80° for iPhone 6s Plus by Mujjo

If there’s one thing about leather iPhone cases, it’s that while they wear nicely and look great when distressed, they tend to get a little floppy. The last leather iPhone case I put on my iPhone 6 Plus went all soft and let my ATM card and driver’s license fall out, forcing me to take a trip to the DMV and the bank to get replacements.

That won’t be the, well, case with this upgraded leather wallet case from Mujjo. Its molded-plastic base snuggles my iPhone 6 Plus, while its stiff, stitched pocket keeps my cards safely ensconced without too much give.