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This iPhone case glows to show how your friends are feeling

The Feeling Skin smartcase glows to show how your friends are feeling.

The Feeling Skin smartcase glows to show how your friends are feeling.

Like the world’s largest therapy session, social media is all about sharing our emotions. The team behind new Kickstarter project The Feeling Skin are hoping to build on that idea by combining a new social network based on emotion with a funky smartphone case, designed to help you stay in touch with friends.

The app lets you record short Vine-style videos, to which you can add either a “Mood Up” or a “Mood Down” emotion. A Mood Up, for instance, might be arriving at the airport for your holiday, while a Mood Down could be trudging to work in the rain on a Monday morning.

These videos can then be posted to the app’s network, along with Twitter and Facebook, for your friends to see.

What makes The Feeling Skin a bit different is its accompanying case designed for the iPhone 5/5s — which works with the app and glows different colors depending on your friends’ mood, thanks to a built-in LED. In addition you can ask your friends how they’re doing throughout the day by touching a “pulse” button on the back of the case.

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Wally Wallet iPhone Case Is A Minimalist’s Dream [Review]


I hate thick wallets. I carry mine in my left front pocket most of the time, and I really don’t need something huge and bulky in there to both look dorky and hurt.

Wally Wallet iPhone Case by Distil Union
Category: iPhone Cases
Works With: iPhone 5, iPhone 5s
Price: $49.99

I’ve spent some time paring down the stuff in my wallet, too, making it as minimal as possible. I usually carry my driver’s license, my Visa debit card, a bit of cash, and a couple of shopping club cards, like Costco and Safeway. I rotate a credit card in on occasion, too, if I need the extra buying power.

Usually, and especially when I go out on the town for an evening, I only need the ID, some cash, and my debit card.

That’s exactly what fits easily in the new Wally Wallet iPhone case, making it a dream come true for this wallet minimalist.

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In A Sea Of Boring iPhone Cases, Moshi’s SenseCover Is Something Unique


Today Moshi announced the SenseCover, one of the most unique iPhone cases I’ve come across in a long time. By using touch-sensitive plates on the front of the case, the SenseCover allows you to answer incoming calls and turn off alarms without opening the front flap.

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This iPhone Case Is The Only Acceptable Way To Flash Someone This Christmas

Whether you’re mourning the decline of BlackBerry, or feel a burning desire to carry around condoms in your phone (you should probably get that last one checked out by a doctor), there’s most likely a custom iPhone case to suit you.

Well, now Christmas enthusiasts can get in on the act too — courtesy of the new VanD flashing case.

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This Brushed Aluminum And Italian Leather Case Stunningly Redefines Any iPhone 5 It Carries [Review]

Amazing packaging, too!

Amazing packaging, too!

Signature iPhone 5 Case by Truffol
Category: iPhone Case
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $75 for Classic, $60 for Minimalist

When I received the Truffol “Signature” case in the mail, I was prepared to be underwhelmed. After all, how much can a case maker bring to the table that hasn’t already been brought (broughten?) several times over?

It turns out the answer to that question is, “quite a bit.”

This precision-designed metal and leather case is a striking combination of frame and backing piece, and it genuinely makes my iPhone 5 feel like a whole new luxurious device, waiting to be touched.

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This Solid Gold iPhone 5 Case Is The Most Expensive Way To Protect Your iPhone


Over the last few years, we’ve seen a ton of really stupid and really expensive iPhone cases. The worst part about the expensive ones is that they’re not that great at protecting your iPhone, and this latest case for the 1% is no different.

Meet the Haven case by Brikk. It’s not even a case really. It’s more like the bumpers Apple made for the iPhone 4. Except the Haven is made out of solid gold or platinum and will only cost you $11,610 for the cheapest model.

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In A World Of Colorful Plastic iPhone Fashion Accessories, A Black Leather Case That Protects

In A World Of Colorful Plastic iPhone Fashion Accessories, A Black Leather Case That Protects

We’re really stoked to show off this sleek and slim premium leather iPhone case from CaptCase. The all-round magnetically closing case encloses and protects your phone back and front without covering up the earpiece during calls, with a little slot for listening. It also has some other nice features such as a slender back-pocket for stashing in cards and cash, so you can ditch your wallet and travel light. If you are looking for a plain, black, no-nonsense, businesslike leather case for your iPhone, here it is.

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This iPhone Case Solves The First World Problem Of Always Needing A Cup Holder

I can see myself spilling a cappuccino all over my iPhone screen with this thing.

I can see myself spilling a cappuccino all over my iPhone screen with this thing.

Sometimes you see product concepts that straight blow your mind or make you scratch your head. The UpperCup does both.

This iPhone case comes from Amsterdam-based company Natwerk, and the creators are trying to raise $25,000 on Indiegogo to begin production. It will retail for $35, and backers get $5 off.

Help Choose The Next Color Of This Ultra-Thin iPhone 5 Bumper [Kickstarter]

Looks good, doesn't it? I'm voting Purple.

I’m voting for purple.

The folks behind this already-fully funded Kickstarter project for the ultra-thin AL13 iPhone 5 bumper case want you to help them reach and then spend their stretch goal money. They’re looking for you to hop onto their project page and leave a comment with your vote for your favorite color from the choices of Purple, Fuschia, Blue, White, and Gunmetal. The winning color will go into production if the project reaches $75,000, while the top two favorite colors will go into production if the project reaches a stretch goal of $100,000.

Since the original $20,000 goal has already been more than doubled, these are pretty realistic goals, especially since there’s still 28 days to go in the project timeline.

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Now There’s A Case That Will Turn Your iPhone Into A LEGO Masterpiece [CES 2013]


CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – I have an unhealthy love affair with LEGOs. They’re beautiful and fun, but also expensive. Have you seen how much it costs to build a replicate R2D2 and B-Wing fighter to put in your bedroom.

Smallworks isn’t helping me any either. They’re making iPhone cases that let you play with LEGOs right on your iPhone and morph it into any creation you can dream up.

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