Mophie OutRide Turns Your iPhone Into A Weatherproof, Wide-Angle Action Cam



We’re continually seeing examples of how the iPhone has exploded its horizons to become much, much more than just a phone. Case (ha) in point: Why shell out $300 for an action cam when you already own a video cam with stellar optics and image-stabilizing, a big, beautiful screen and the ability to upload your exploits whenever you damn well please? All you need to turn your iPhone from video cam to action cam is a rugged, weatherproof case with a wide-angle lens, and the ability to stick the whole thing onto a helmet or such. And that pretty much describes the $150 Mophie OutRide system.

Pick Up A Great iPhone 5 Case And Support A Great Cause [Deals]



For all you lucky sots who have an iPhone 5 already, I bet you’re still looking for a great case (or maybe alternate cases). Here’s a great looking case, but with a little twist—Style Up Your iPhone 5 With The #CLEANSLATE Case (Black): Keep Your iPhone 5 Safe With This Sleek Case.

This case doesn’t just protect your iPhone, it helps kids in Kenya have better schools.

Keep Your iPhone Charged With A Solar Battery Pack


Monster Watts 640

Raise your hand if your iPhone has run out of juice at the worst possible time? Yeah, I’m sure that’s most of you. Certainly me. That’s why I have a battery pack case for my iPhone. While it’s good, it does have a little flaw—I still need to plug it in to charge.

Now a solar pack can help eliminate some of this need. No, not all, but let’s say, a lot. The Monster Watts case acts not just as a batter pack, but it has solar panels so you can recharge your phone wherever the Sun shines!

This Gorgeous, Fast And Furious iPhone Speaker Dock Is Made Out Of A Hot Rod’s Exhaust [Gallery]


Let’s face it: the iPhone is the Hot Rod of smartphones. If Steve McQueen was still alive, he’d own one; Jay Leno probably has a hanger filled with a hundred of them. Nothing seems more appropriate to me, then, but to see a Hot Rod style exhaust snaking out of an iPhone. The iPhone is the most powerful thing you can drive that fits in your pocket.

That’s just what the iXoost dock does. It’s a speaker dock handbuilt by Xoost in Italy that grafts some gorgeous aluminum exhaust pipes onto your iPhone.