Light and sound collide in this portable Bluetooth speaker [Deals]

FRESHeCOLOR Bluetooth portable speaker
The FRESHeCOLOR Bluetooth speaker will please your eyes as well as your ears.
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Summer is as much about its sights as its sounds. Whatever your musical mood, the FRESHeCOLOR renders it in a dazzling and colorful display that you can take anywhere you go, from the poolside to the party to just hanging out in your living room with the fan on your face. Right now you can get this portable vibe enhancer for $59.95.

Tiny magnet adds 256GB of storage to your iPhone

Small like the coin it's named after, the i.dime adds big storage to your iPhone.
Small like the coin it's named after, the i.dime adds big storage to your iPhone.
Photo: i.dime

You wanted the latest iPhone, but you could only afford the 16GB model. By the time you install some cool apps, load some songs and shoot some pictures and video, you can expect something else to appear on your screen: the Storage Almost Full message.

You can go through the sometimes frustrating task of backing everything up to the cloud or you could drop a dime on your iPhone — an i.dime, that is.

The i.dime is a dime-sized magnetic storage device that can add up to 256GB of additional space on an iPhone and functions much like a thumb drive. Backers can get a 32GB i.dime with a case for $63.

LED flash for iPhone is just one of the newest deals at Cult of Mac [Deals]


Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Tired of swiping through filters to make your iPhone pictures interesting? Or wasting time trying to stay organized behind the keyboard? Maybe you should take a look at these deals fresh off the deals boat. Below you’ll find a wireless, LED flash for any camera, two apps for improving your writing process, and a bundle of assets for designing apps. Take a look:

Best iPhone 6 cases: rugged, wallet, minimal, charging and more [Reviews]


iPhone 6 Collage
We've got reviews of iPhone 6 cases in almost every category you can think of.
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Updated: Check out two new battery cases for the iPhone 6/6s, the Moshi iGlaze Ion and the Spyder PowerShadow.

Protect your iPhone investment with the perfect case. Whether you’ve chosen the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s or 6s Plus, Cult of Mac has your phone safely covered. We receive and review a massive number of cases and bring only the best to you here in our review roundup, with new cases to be added each week.

Each case is tried and tested, with iPhone protection being the top priority. If you need something rugged and extra-durable, a minimalist case with sleek lines, or one in which to slip your credit cards and cash, browse our evolving list of featured iPhone 6 cases.

Check back often for our latest picks!

Get your iPhone ready for summer tunes, pics and trips [Deals]

Get in gear with the toys of summer.
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Summer’s here, but it’ll be gone before you know it. We’ve got some great gear and gadgets to make sure you get the most juice out of your iPhone before the fall. We’ve got water-resistant earbuds, a sturdy car mount, a set of iPhone camera lenses and a proper Bluetooth boombox. Take a look, and get your iPhone summer-ready: