Are You Standing in Line for the iPhone 4S? Send Us Your Pictures!




Lines have started forming in front of Apple Stores across the globe as fans huddle together in anticipation of Apple’s newest magical device. If you’ve already read our iPhone Launch Line Survival Guide and are getting ready to stand in line at your local Apple Store, we’d love to see your pictures so we can share them with everyone. So, if you’d be so kind, please snap a picture of your Apple Store’s launch-line and email us or send it to us via Twitter, along with your store’s location, a brief description of the Launch Party atmosphere, and maybe even a little bit about yourself and the pics. We’ll be collecting reader photos over the next 24 hours and compiling them into a glorious gallery of iPhone Launch Party awesomeness.

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How Did Tim Cook Do Today? [Opinion]


Given how secretive Apple is,
Given how secretive Apple is, "new products" is about as specific as its executives are going to get.

How do you follow an act like Steve Jobs, the best presenter in the business?

The answer is you can’t, and you shouldn’t even try.

Tim Cook should be given credit for that, even if his performance at the iPhone 4S launch today was subdued and low-key.