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Apple’s Supply Chain Is Promising A Retina MacBook Air For 2014


It’s been almost two years since Apple announced the Retina MacBook Pro, and it’s still the only Mac with a Retina display. But according to sources in Apple’s supply chain, that’ll change this summer when the Cupertino company finally unveils the Retina MacBook Air.

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New Concept Makes The Case For A 12.9-Inch iPad Pro [Gallery]


Would you want an iPad this big?

Of all the Apple rumors out there, one that comes from particularly far out in left field is the iPad Pro. There have been some reports that Apple is planning to release a larger tablet, but nothing substantial.

Like always, that hasn’t kept concept designers from imagining what a 12.9-inch, bezeless iPad Pro could look like. This one comes from the same people behind the Apple TV touch remote concept from last week.

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WSJ: Apple Poaches HTC Engineers To Speed Up Product Development


Apple is taking on “hundreds” of new engineers and supply-chain managers in China and Taiwan in an effort to speed up product development and offer a greater range of devices, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The Cupertino company has reportedly poached staff from HTC and other rival firms to create new teams in Shanghai and Taipei.

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iPad Pro To Feature 2K Display & Eye-Tracking Technology [Rumor]


According to reports, Apple’s speculated-upon iPad Pro will come not only with a larger screen and greatly improved resolution, but also with eye-tracking technology.

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iPad Pro To Have 4K Display, Launch In October [Rumor]


Certain parties were practically salivating at the prospect of an iPad Pro the moment its seemingly-natural companion piece the iPad Air was announced earlier this year.

Well, according to rumors Apple may have a 4k “iPad Pro” for launch in October 2014 — joining reports of a next-gen iPad with a 2K display due earlier in the year.

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Why A 128GB iPad? Call It The iPad Pro [Opinion]

This is who the 128GB iPad is really for. Photo:

This is who the 128GB iPad is really for. Photo:

For some reason, Apple released a 128GB iPad this morning. And a lot of people are scratching their heads over it.

It’s not that a 128GB iPad is an unwelcome thing, of course. More storage for apps, movies and music is always a good thing… except, if it’s just a matter of soldering in a couple of 64GB NAND modules instead of a couple of 32GB NAND modules, why the heck didn’t Apple release a 128GB iPad when they refreshed the iPad in October?

In other words, why now? Why announce it today, on a sleepy Tuesday morning at the tail-end of January? And who is this thing for, anyway?

I’ve got a theory.

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Is This The Dock Connector For The Retina Display iPad 3? [Leaked Image]

Is This The Dock Connector For The Retina Display iPad 3? [Leaked Image]

We wouldn’t put a lot of stock in this one yet, but a new internal component has leaked out of Asia, and given certain key differences in item number and color, it’s said to be the dock connector for the upcoming iPad 2 Plus/iPad 3, the rumored Retina Display upgrade for the iPad 2, also rumored to have a release later in this year.

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