Always on the go? Stay charged with a pair of MFi-certified Lightning cables [Deals]

These two, 2-meter long Lightning cables are going for less than a single, standard one.
This pair of 2-meter Lightning cables is going for less than a single usually costs.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Whether you need an extra Lightning cable for the office or the weekend getaway bag, it’s always clutch to have a spare. And, let’s be honest, the standard Lightning cable that came with your iPhone has probably seen better days. Usually running upward of $20, this 2-meter, MFi-certified Lightning cable set costs just $12.99 — a total of 77 percent off the normal price. With a reach of 2 meters, you won’t have to worry about getting out of bed in the middle of Game of Thrones to charge your iPhone.

Buy now: Pick up a pair of 2-meter MFi-certified Lightning cables at 77 percent less than what you’d normally pay.

How to transfer your iPhone media to Mac (and back again)

Back up your iPhone to your Mac on the go.
Back up your iPhone to your Mac on the go.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Want a quick way to move your photos, music and documents from your iPhone to your Mac? What about backing up your iPhone on the go?

iKlips Duo is an innovative little gadget that will do both. It’s a well-made, MFi-certified USB stick that lets you connect to your iPhone (or iPad) via its Lightning port and to your Mac via a USB 3 port. Toss it in your bag and rest assured that you’ve always got a way to get your data off your iOS device.

It’s simple, easy and doesn’t require iTunes or iCloud. Here’s how to transfer your iPhone media to your Mac or PC, and then put it back, if you like, using the iKlips Duo.

Wrap your iPad and iPhone in luxurious leather [Reviews]

These lovely, leather folios are delightfully classy.
These lovely, leather folios are delightfully classy.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

SurfacePad for iPhone and iPad solves a problem I have with most folio-style cases.

These tend to cover up too much of the gorgeous Apple design without giving much in return. There’s always a trade-off between form and function. If you’re going to hide the gleaming Apple devices behind a case, at least make it look as classy and useful as Apple does.

The SurfacePad for folio cases from Twelve South are delightfully minimal, covering the front and rear of your iPad or iPhone in luxurious leather without sacrificing a refined look.

Flexible stylus has some cool hidden talents [Reviews]


The StylusFlex does a bit more than just let you poke at your screen.
Photo: Evan Killham/Cult of Mac


Most people don’t use a stylus with their iPhones, and late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs wouldn’t want them to. But the StylusFlex might change a few minds because it’s not simply a substitute for the five styli you have at the end of your arm.

You have plenty of reasons to just stick with your fingers when you’re using your iPhone or iPad, and this device seems to realize that. That’s why it does a few extra things that might help it earn its keep.