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New iPhone 5s Jailbreak Lets You Simulate Home Button Using Touch ID

5s home button gold

With the iOS 7 jailbreak finally worth installing on newer iPhones and iPads, it seems the floodgates have finally been opened.

Virtual Home is one of the first Touch ID based jailbreak tweaks available for the iPhone 5s. Working with the Touch ID sensor, Virtual Home can help save wear and tear on the iPhone’s Home button by eliminating a large percentage of button presses. Instead users can replicate much of the functionality of the Home button simply by touching it.

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Safari Gets Mac Keyboard Shortcuts In iOS 7


I thought that iOS 7 was ready to go on the iPad, but today I’m actually trying to do some work, and my cloud of optimism has been quickly dispelled. It’s a combination of OS-level bugginess and apps which have been too-hastily updated, and it’s causing all sorts of trouble.

The biggest problem? Using an external Bluetooth keyboard. So it’s pretty ironic that this post is about the excellent new keyboard shortcuts in iOS 7. Especially in Safari.


The Tao of Mac blog points us to three great new shortcuts, lifted straight from OS X:

Cmd+L to move the focus to the location bar
Cmd+T to open a new tab
Cmd+W to close a tab

This is surprisingly useful, although I’m ungrateful enough to wonder why there’s no way to navigate between tabs. I’ve rattled away at my Logitech K811 and no combo of arrow key or square brackets and modifiers seems to work.

Another great side-effect of that Cmd+L shortcut is that you can now trigger an in-page search from the keyboard: just hit Cmd+L and type your query. At the bottom of the list that pops up are the in-page results, and because you’re using an external keyboard, there’s no on-screen keyboard to get in the way.

Also, double-tapping the Logitech’s home button takes you into the app-switcher view, and in iOS 7 that means that the previous app’s screen thumbnail pops into view. Combine this with the fact that any keystrokes are passed to the current app (even though you can’t see it), and you can now copy-type from one app to the next. Very nice indeed. Sadly, you need to reach up and tap the screen to actually switch to the app.

Think You Can Do Better Than Jony? Then Redesign iOS7 Yourself

It’s likely that your reactionary knee-jerk hatred of iOS7’s sweet new look has worn off by now, just like you’re still using Instagram and you haven’t yet actually quit Facebook (although you totally will any day now). But if you’re like our own Killian Bell, who just this second described iOS7 as “looking like the walls of a crack house after a drug-fueled makeover,” then you might want to take a look at this web app, which lets you redesign iOS7 yourself.

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Pixter: The App Store’s Best OCR Scanning App Gets iOS 7 Looks And iPad Support

Pixter, my favorite text-scanning OCR app for the iPhone, is now available for the iPad. And v2.0 isn’t just now ready (at last) for the retina displays of the iPhone and the iPad, but it sports a whole new iOS7-inspired design which is frankly gorgeous.

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IOS 7’s New Photo Filters Are Lossless, Keeping Original Photo Untouched

It looks like the new photo filters in iOS 7 are lossless. That is, the original, untouched image file is saved as is, and the effect is applied on-the-fly. This is how non-destructive editing apps like Lightroom and Aperture do their thing.

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Design Your Own Custom Movie Subtitles In iOS 7

Years ago, I submitted a bug report to Apple. The problem? Teeny, tiny subtitles in the iOS Videos app, so small that even an eagle with binoculars couldn’t read them. I got a mail from Apple to follow up, and then, just one or two releases later, subtitles got big enough to read (the Lady and I have different native tongues so we usually watch everything with subs).

Now, in iOS 7, they’re not only big but completely customizable.

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Everything You Need To Know About The iOS 7 Photos App

Everything You Need To Know About The iOS 7 Photos App

Shared Photos Stream in iOS 7 are turning out to be a much bigger deal than I first thought. After playing with them for a few hours it’s clear that they might actually be Apple’s first successful social network. Why? It’s all down to a little “Activity” tab inside the newly-named “Shared Streams.”

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Quit Whining: iOS 7’s New Look Is Fantastic!

Quit Whining: iOS 7’s New Look Is Fantastic!

Seriously: Who doesn’t like this?

You know what I’m hearing a lot of today? “Whine whine whine. Don’t like the icons. This really is kind of a mess.” And this, from our very own chatroom: “It hurts the eyes,” and “The hideousness of this is blowing my mind.”

It seems that a lot of people don’t like the look of iOS 7. But you know what? I love it. Sure, some of those icons are a little garish, but in iOS 6, all of the native Apple icons were hideous. And whatever you want to say about the new look, you have to admit that it is now way more consistent.

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Let’s Do The Time Warp Again: The AltWWDC Keynote Breakfast

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Apple has been holding developer conferences for almost a quarter century, so it’s not surprising that the AltWWDC Keynote breakfast is less like Ugly Betty’s anti-prom and more like a midnight run of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

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