Apple unlocks iOS betas for everyone, not just developers


Photo: Cult of Mac
Want to get in on the newest versions of iOS before everyone else? Now's your chance. Photo: Jim Merithew/ Cult of Mac

For the first time, Apple has made it possible for those without an App Store developer membership to use iOS betas. Anyone can legitimately download and install today’s iOS 8.3 beta by joining Apple’s official Beta Testing Program.

OS X Yosemite was the first software release that could be beta tested by non-devs, and now that Apple has flung open the gates on iOS, many more people will likely opt-in to be on the cutting edge of where the operating system is headed.

Apple Starts Taking Down Unofficial Sites That Sell Access To iOS And OS X Betas [Report]

By will give non-devs access to the iOS 6 beta for a small price, but Apple does not approve. will give non-devs access to the iOS 6 beta for a small price, but Apple does not approve.

The topic of selling access to iOS beta software has come up again as of late, and with Apple’s release of the iOS 6 beta, many eager non-developers are itching to get their hands on the upcoming OS as soon as possible. For some, the desire to try iOS 6 is so great that they will buy access to developer-only software from unofficial websites Apple does not support.

Apple has turned its attention to the underbelly of selling iOS and OS X developer software, according to a new report.

iOS 4.3 SDK and Beta Reveals Wireless Syncing, New Sports App



Apple’s upcoming iOS 4.3 update will have wireless syncing, Photobooth, and a Sports Training program.

It may also get QuickLook from OS X — the ability to quickly peek at a file or email attachment without launching any programs.

The new capabilities were discovered by programmer Chris Galzerano, who has been digging around in the iOS 4.3 SDK and firmware beta.

Here are the details:

UPDATE: Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac is skeptical about this information. PhotoBooth is right, he says, but has been known for weeks. QuickLook is for opening attachments in email; the Sports Trainer frameworks have been in iOS forever, and likely refer to Nike+; and the Wireless Syncing frameworks are likely part of regular MobileMe syncing.