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BitTorrent’s new app is a secure alternative to iMessage and Snapchat

You can replace iMessage and Snapchat with Bittorrent's new app. Photo: Bittorrent

You can replace iMessage and Snapchat with BitTorrent’s new app. Photo: BitTorrent

BitTorrent’s not just a way to torrent anymore.

Released a couple years ago, BitTorrent Sync proved itself to be a great way to keep your files synced between machines without trusting a service like Dropbox with your data.

And now? BitTorrent Bleep, a serverless chat app, is here to show you you can do without Snapchat or iMessage.

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Free up space on your iPhone with Duplicate Photos Fixer

Photo: Duplicate Photo Fixer

Photo: Duplicate Photo Fixer

This post is brought to you by Systweak Software, creator of free iOS app Duplicate Photo Fixer.

If your iPhone is short on storage, it’s most likely crammed with pictures and videos — especially if you’re not prone to sorting your photos manually. In fact, photos and videos typically occupy more than 50 percent of storage space on iOS devices, according to Systweak Software. And up to 10 percent of the photos could be duplicates created inadvertently during the simple act of shooting or editing pictures with your iPhone.

Luckily, Systweak Software’s free Duplicate Photos Fixer makes it easy to locate, evaluate and delete duplicate photos. The iOS app is a quick and simple way to recover valuable storage space and organize your photos.

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TayText app lets Taylor Swift answer all your messages


Because the texters gonna text, text, text, text. Photo: David Shankbone/Wikipedia CC

In her songs, Taylor Swift always seems to have the perfect sassy, finger-snapping comeback — and now you can too, courtesy of the new TayText custom keyboard for iOS. Yes, really!

We guess SwiftKey was already taken as a name.

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How App Store reviews can help indie developers

The NASAViz Universal app. Photo: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Flicker CC

Five-star reviews are great, but there’s another type of App Store review that’s truly stellar. Photo: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Flicker CC

Customer reviews on the App Store are good for business. It’s not just that good reviews can improve your app’s ranking. Reviews have also helped me build a better app.

But with all the fake reviews and haters out there, it’s sometimes hard to see the wood from the trees. The trick is to know exactly which reviews to pay attention to — and the secret is all in your stars.

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You no longer need to jailbreak to get Popcorn Time on your iPhone

The Netflix of piracy is coming to iPhone. Photo: Popcorn Time

The Netflix of piracy is coming to iPhone. Photo: Popcorn Time

Sometimes described as “Netflix for pirates,” the video streaming service Popcorn Time is coming to iPhone. The standalone Popcorn Time iOS app will launch imminently — quite possibly as early as today — and will allow users to watch pirated TV shows and movies on the move.

While it won’t be allowed in the App Store for obvious reasons, a workaround means users can install the app without having to jailbreak their handsets first — although, for now, you’ll need to have access to a Windows computer.

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Instagram makes it super-easy to stalk your favorite accounts

FullSizeRender 5

Follow people you care about on Instagram.

Instagram quietly enabled an option today that makes it super-easy to keep track of your favorite accounts.

You can now set up push notifications for whenever a specific account posts a new photo. The timing of the new feature makes perfect sense with the impending release of the Apple Watch.

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App Store is having a blowout sale on productivity apps

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 6.46.15 PM

Apple has really been upping its game with curated app collections, and today a slew of amazing productivity apps were put on sale as part of a new “Get Productive” roundup in the App Store.

It’s the most impressive collection of app deals we’ve ever seen in the store. Many of the included apps have been discounted by more than 50 percent.

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Use your Apple TV as a full-fledged desktop browser with AirBrowser app

AirBrowser lets you use your TV as a web browser, without all the usual hassle. Photo:

The AirBrowser app lets you use your TV as a web browser, without all the usual hassles. Photo: IdeaSolutions

This post is brought to you by IdeaSolutions, creator of AirBrowser.

Would you like to surf the web, watch streaming videos, read newspapers and do everything else you normally do on your Mac browser, in full screen on your TV? Pinch to zoom, swipe, bookmark pages — all using your iOS device as a remote control?

AirBrowser let’s you do all these things. You can get the full desktop browsing experience on your television, with all the sites you visit optimally scaled to fit your TV’s screen size. Read on and watch the AirBrowser video for more info on this easy-to-use app.

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