Forgetful? This iOS app will jog your memory


The iOS app that gently asks,
The iOS app that gently asks, "Aren't you forgetting something?"
Photo: Layman Lab

In the old days, a piece of string tied around a finger served as a reminder. You just couldn’t forget what the string was for in the first place.

Today, there’s a better way to use your fingers to remember your keys, passport and other personal items with the iOS app Don’t Leave It! Type items into the app you can’t be without and an alert will go off should a certain distance separate you from that particular item.

iPhone app gives digital shooters a taste of film


This app may inspire you to grab an old camera and shoot a roll of film.
Photo: Filmborn screenshot/Mastin Labs

What is the best way to convince a global community of mostly digital photographers that they should pick up an old camera and shoot film? Put film on the iPhone.

That is exactly what Seattle-based Mastin Labs has done with its new film emulation app for iOS, Filmborn.

SIM card gadget lets you leave the second iPhone at home


Carry an extra iPhone or carry a SIMpro to manage that extra phone line.
Carry an extra iPhone or carry a SIMpro to manage that extra phone line.
Photo: SIMpro

Too bad Hillary Clinton is busy or she could serve as a celebrity endorser for a Kickstarter campaign sure to interest people whose important lives depend on carrying two smartphones.

SIMpro is a credit-card-sized device that serves as a dual-SIM adapter with data connection that can manage two active phone numbers. SIMpro works with an iOS app and even works with Bluetooth to turn an iPod or iPad into smartphones.

Time to get ahead of the iOS 10 development frenzy [Deals]


iOS 10 is coming, developers. Now's your chance to get ahead of the pack and master its many new features.
Photo: Cult of Mac

iOS 10 is coming, and as with anything worthy of a base number it’s bringing a host of foundational changes. Messages is getting enhanced with a bevy of new features, Siri can now work with apps from the App Store, the Home app brings the Internet of Things one step closer to reality. Photos, texting, shopping, navigating, basically everything is being revamped or reinvented, meaning developers have their work cut out for them. This bundle of lessons is one way to make sure you’re ahead of the game and ready when iOS 10 drops, nearly 200 hours of training for just $29.

Should you trust an iOS app to find a babysitter? This mom says yes


There are apps to connect people to all sorts of services. Hello Sitter finds babysitters parents can trust, according to the app founder.
There are apps to connect people to all sorts of services. Hello Sitter finds babysitters parents can trust, according to the app founder.
Photo: Hello Sitter

A New York City mom has created an Uber-like iOS app that makes finding a babysitter as simple as finding a ride.

But we’re willing to assume some risk when catching a lift to the airport. Turning a young son or daughter over to algorithm-matched childcare is another matter. Hello Sitter CEO Lauren Mansell personally vetted each of the more than 200 qualified sitters available through the app by answering this question — Would I leave my daughter with this person?

Videos on Instagram just got four times longer


Food photography
And you can throw in multiple clips, too.
Photo: Brigham Young University

Once an app only for photos, Instagram is now greatly extending its video capabilities. Coming soon, users will be able to share videos up to 60 seconds in length. Instagram started rolling out this change today and says more improvements to video are coming in a future update.

One such improvement Instagram says will arrive sooner rather than later is the reemergence of multi-clip video on iOS. This means that you’ll be able to import multiple video clips from your Photos library and stitch them together for a single Instagram video. It might sound familiar because Instagram actually used to have this feature… before taking it away.

Wikipedia app update will keep you pleasantly occupied for hours


The latest Wikipedia mobile update brings exploration to the fore.
The latest Wikipedia mobile update brings exploration to the fore.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Whether you’re into a quick search for needed information or a deep dive down the rabbit hole of a massive topic of your own choosing, chances are you’ll spend a bit of time on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia’s new iOS app update today will help you with both use cases, letting you drill down to a single bit of knowledge as well as leaning back and enjoying your exploration of the online portal’s over 36 million articles.

Bluetooth LED makes iPhone camera even flashier [Reviews]


iblazr-wireless-bluetooth-flash - 1 (2)
This portable Bluetooth flash is perfect for those who thrive on nightlife.
Photo: George Tinari/Cult of Mac

As far as smartphone cameras have come with improved low-light shooting and intelligent LED flash, there will always be some situations in which you could use just a bit more light. This is especially true for photographers who want to make smart adjustments for their photos, or people who tend to do most of their socializing at night. So it’s worth shining a light on iblazr 2, a fantastic Bluetooth LED flash.

This successor to Concepter’s original iblazr isn’t just your ordinary wireless LED flash. It’s equipped with tons of features that let me fine-tune the way I want my photo to come out. The most important feature for me is that it works with the native camera apps on iOS and Android. In fact, according to Concepter’s website, it’s the only wireless LED flash that does.

Reignite the iPad email experience with Spark [Reviews]


The iPad app is even better than the already amazing iPhone app.
Photo: George Tinari/Cult of Mac

One of the best email clients for the iPhone just got even better. Spark, which promises that “you are going to like your email again,” is now available for the iPad as well. And this isn’t an all-too-common instance of developers just stretching out the iPhone version of their app and calling it a day. Spark is fully optimized for the iPad’s larger display.