Apple’s iOS Javascript Browser Tweak Hacked To Allow Any App To Run Malicious Code



When it comes to Mac hacking, there are few security experts more dangerous than Charlie Miller, who can hack a Mac in mere seconds. Luckily, Miller only uses his hacking powers for the forces of good, so his hacks often lead to more secure systems for you and me.

Let’s hope that’s the case for the latest vulnerability Miller identified for the iOS platform. He has discovered a huge bug in iOS that allows malicious devs to write innocuous looking apps that slip by the App Store review process, only to phone home to a remote computer and repurpose all of iOS’s normal functions for malicious ends.

Sneak Peek: How iOS 4.3’s iTunes Home Sharing Feature Works



Have you ever wanted to watch a movie from iTunes on your iPhone without actually syncing anything?

With iOS 4.3 and iTunes 10.2, your dreams will come true. iTunes Home Sharing is a new feature of iOS 4.3, which will be released to the public on March 11. It was demonstrated earlier this week at the iPad 2 launch event.

Home Sharing will allow you to easily share your music, videos, and photos to any iOS 4.3 device over your local WiFi network. This eliminates the need for third-party applications or transcoding software.

Here’s how it works:

Could Extended Free Access to ‘The Daily’ Mean iOS 4.3 Coming Feb 28th?



While the wait for iOS 4.3 and in-app recurring subscriptions continues, free access to The Daily has been extended beyond the original two-week trial period until February 28th, sparking rumors that suggest Apple’s next iOS update could also drop on the same date.

The extension to free access was picked up by German Mac blog Macerkopf, after the expiry date of their subscription changed within the “Account Information” in The Daily application. Because the application’s billing method relies on the recurring subscriptions feature iOS 4.3, customers cannot be charged for access to the service until the update is available.

Of course, Feb 28th may be nowhere near the release date of 4.3, and The Daily could be just extending its free trial to a random date in the hope that the update is available by then.

There have been rumors that the public debut of iOS 4.3 would be at 10 AM EST today, however, a quick glance at your clock right now will show that predication was an inaccurate one.

[via 9to5 Mac]

iOS 4.3 SDK and Beta Reveals Wireless Syncing, New Sports App



Apple’s upcoming iOS 4.3 update will have wireless syncing, Photobooth, and a Sports Training program.

It may also get QuickLook from OS X — the ability to quickly peek at a file or email attachment without launching any programs.

The new capabilities were discovered by programmer Chris Galzerano, who has been digging around in the iOS 4.3 SDK and firmware beta.

Here are the details:

UPDATE: Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac is skeptical about this information. PhotoBooth is right, he says, but has been known for weeks. QuickLook is for opening attachments in email; the Sports Trainer frameworks have been in iOS forever, and likely refer to Nike+; and the Wireless Syncing frameworks are likely part of regular MobileMe syncing.