People love Apple’s doomed AirPort more than any other router


Apple's routers are #1.
Apple's routers are #1.
Photo: Apple

Apple sure seems to be doing routers right. At least according to the more than 3,000 customers polled in J.D. Power’s 2016 Wireless Router Satisfaction Report.

Apple came out as the top-rated router manufacturer in Overall Satisfaction, which would be great news for the AirPort team — if Apple hadn’t just disbanded it.

Hackers can use this tiny $5 device to attack your locked Mac


PoisonTap is tiny but deadly.
PoisonTap is tiny but deadly.
Photo: Samy Kamkar

The next time you leave your Mac unattended, make sure to turn it off.

A well-known hacker has created a cheap tool that can steal data off of locked computers in minutes. The clever new device called PoisonTap is created using a $5 Raspberry Pi Zero and some open source code. Attackers can plug PoisonTap into a machine and as long as the victim has a web browser open, it can steal data and leave remote backdoors.

What the modern web looks like on an original iPhone


Nine years later, the original iPhone is still pretty great at rendering the modern web...  except when it isn't.
Nine years later, the original iPhone is still pretty great at rendering the modern web... except when it isn't.
Photo: Medium

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone nine years ago this month, he made a big point about iOS Safari, the first desktop-class mobile browser. He said — and proceeded to prove — that Mobile Safari could render the web with no compromises.

But that was a decade ago. The web’s moved on. So how does today’s web look on an original iPhone?

Mozilla missed a golden opportunity with Firefox for iOS


At long last, Mozilla Firefox for iOS is becoming a reality.
Photo: Mozilla

It’s been a long ride, but Mozilla confirmed that Firefox is in fact almost ready for its official launch on iPhone and iPad. The company announced a limited release of the browser in the New Zealand App Store.

It’s appreciable that Firefox is finally hopping on board with iOS, but at this point it seems Mozilla is far too late to the game to give Firefox a meaningful opportunity for reemergence.

The internet is for porn, and so is this new app based on Popcorn Time


What? We had to try it out. For science!
What? We had to try it out. For science!
Screen: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Popcorn Time is an open source app for Mac that allows users to stream movies from bit torrent sites that have ripped movies on them.

The tech made a huge splash, but is now sadly defunct, even while its creators still proclaim that the technology is legal.

However, some other folks thought the technology was perfect to help us all with another internet activity that a whole bunch of us still enjoy: porn.

Porn Time, based on the same code as Popcorn Time, is now available for Mac, Windows and Linux, so grab a towel and check it out.