Mozilla missed a golden opportunity with Firefox for iOS


At long last, Mozilla Firefox for iOS is becoming a reality.
Photo: Mozilla

It’s been a long ride, but Mozilla confirmed that Firefox is in fact almost ready for its official launch on iPhone and iPad. The company announced a limited release of the browser in the New Zealand App Store.

It’s appreciable that Firefox is finally hopping on board with iOS, but at this point it seems Mozilla is far too late to the game to give Firefox a meaningful opportunity for reemergence.

The internet is for porn, and so is this new app based on Popcorn Time


What? We had to try it out. For science!
What? We had to try it out. For science!
Screen: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Popcorn Time is an open source app for Mac that allows users to stream movies from bit torrent sites that have ripped movies on them.

The tech made a huge splash, but is now sadly defunct, even while its creators still proclaim that the technology is legal.

However, some other folks thought the technology was perfect to help us all with another internet activity that a whole bunch of us still enjoy: porn.

Porn Time, based on the same code as Popcorn Time, is now available for Mac, Windows and Linux, so grab a towel and check it out.

How to surf the internet on a vintage Macintosh Plus


Imagine surfing PornHub on this. Photo: Jeff Keacher
Imagine surfing PornHub on this. Photo: Jeff Keacher

When the Macintosh Plus was released 27 years ago, it was the most powerful Mac on the market. It even contained a SCSI port, which opened the door to the Macintosh getting a modem. Eventually, there were even internet browsers released for the Macintosh Plus.

That got Jeff Keacher over at the Daily Dot thinking. What would it be like to plug a 1976 Macintosh Plus into the modern web? Surprise surprise — it was absolute torture.

Iridium Go! Shares Satellite Internet Like A Mi-Fi


You know how it goes: you and your adventure buddies are standing around in the middle of the arctic, or atop a high-altitude jungle, and you’re all bored stiff. The campfire is burning down, you’ve all told your best ghost stories, and all you want to do it Tweet that awesome photo you just took of a penguin kissing a polar bear.

What’s the answer? The Iridium Go!, a kind of satellite MiFi that brings a data and voice connection down from the heavens and shares it between up to five devices via Wi-Fi. Never suffer the boredom of nature again.

Obama Praises Apple During State Of The Union Address



President Barack Obama may not be able to use an iPhone for security reasons, but that doesn’t mean he can’t praise the work Apple is doing.

In his State of the Union address to the American people Tuesday, Obama credited a number of technology companies — Apple included — for helping with his ConnectED program, which aims to improve Internet access at schools across the U.S.