iPhone 5 Quietly Goes On Sale Worldwide



Quietly, and with not so much as a dedicated press release to mark the occasion, Apple has started selling the iPhone 5 in new markets. As midnight rolled around last night (or this morning, depending on your point of view) online Apple Stores opened up for business.

And boy is this thing expensive.

Which Features Does iOS 6 Support In Your Country?


Thanks, Siri. Thanks a lot.



Apple’s hardware product lines might be clean and sparse to the point of obsession, but behind the scenes it’s another story. Take iOS 6, for example. While yesterday’s Apple keynote showed off plenty of new features, many of them are location dependent. And I’m not talking about maps here – many features are switched off outside of the U.S, and just which one’s you can use depends on the country you’re in.

OpenSignalMaps, An Amazingly Slick Way To View International Cellphone Coverage


Probably the best way to check network coverage we've seen.

Did you ever check to see which carrier offers the best coverage in your town? Or – worse – did you ever wonder which carrier’s pre-pay SIM you should buy when you go on vacation? It’s hell, right? Those maps are so deeply hidden in the carriers' sites that it’s almost like they didn’t want you to find them.

Enter OpenSignalMaps, which is not only an independent map showing you the 2G, 3G and 4G coverage in much of the world, but is also just about the sleekest and slickest map/info site we’ve ever seen. And it works just great on iOS devices.


Apple Stops Censoring The Word ‘Jailbreak’ In iTunes Podcasts


Apple no longer considers the word
Apple no longer considers the word "jailbreak" an expletive.

Remember when someone in the Apple camp let their censoring powers go to their head back in May, and they began censoring the word “jailbreak” across music, movies, apps, and podcasts? It didn’t take the Cupertino company too long to backtrack, and it removed the censor almost entirely just hours later.

I say almost before for podcasts, the word was still considered an expletive — until this morning, when Apple removed the censor completely. Finally.