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Words App Puts Instapaper, Pocket, RSS On Your Desktop


Maybe I’m a big dummy, but I always thought that the whole point of “read later” apps was that you could shunt long-form articles off the desktop and onto a device that was better suited for reading for extended periods. After all, on the desktop a combination of bookmarks and Safari’s Reader view takes care of things.

But what do I know? Clearly there’s a place for reader apps on the Mac, and the $10 Words looks to be a very nice example.

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Instapaper Goes Flat For iOS 7, Adds Smart Filters For Sorting Articles

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 12.56.47 PM

Before and after

The new Instapaper is here for iOS 7, and it’s flatter. Betaworks has simplified the app’s layout to fit the design aesthetic of iOS 7, and it looks great.

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Instapaper 5 Is Ready For iOS 7


iOS 7 is launching on Wednesday September 18th, and with it will come a whole slew of neat (and sometimes eye-searing) features. But what will there be for us poor bloggers and developers who have (maybe) been running the beta for so long now it doesn’t even seem new anymore? The answer is app updates. Lovely updates to some of our favorite apps to make them play nice with the new, clean OS. And the one of these will be Instapaper.

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Instapaper Website Gets Hot, Hot New Look

instabetaInstapaper has a new beta website, and it’s the biggest change to the whole read-it-later Instaverse since the app was bought by Betaworks. In short, it’s gorgeous for reading, and makes the management of your account quite a lot better.

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Marco Arment’s New App Bugshot Is For Marking Up Screenshots

Remember how simple Skitch used to be before Evernote bought it and ran it through its UI-mangling machine? So does Instapaper’s Marco Arment, which is why he made Bugshot, an app whose “sole purpose is dealing with screenshots better.”

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Digg Reader Beta Starts Rolling Out To Testers Ahead Of iOS App Release


Digg Reader, the service hoping to secure as many Google Reader users as it can when the service closes on July 1, has just begun rolling out in beta to early testers. The news comes just as the official Digg Reader app for iOS is expected to hit the App Store.

Read the rest of this post » Is Like Instapaper For Music is like Instapaper for music. And like Instapaper, it is beginning its life as a web-only app, although it works so well in Mobile Safari that you won’t care about the lack of an actual iOS app right now.

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Did WWDC Really Sell Out In 2 Minutes, Or Is Apple Covering Up?


WWDC tickets sold out unbelievably quickly this year. We knew it was highly unlikely they’d be available for as long as the two hours it took them to sell out last year, but we also weren’t expecting them all to disappear in under two minutes.

But did Apple really sell out of WWDC tickets that fast?

The Cupertino company has since been calling developers to offer them a place at its event this June, and that’s led some to question whether all tickets were really sold or whether Apple’s too embarrassed to admit that its servers couldn’t cope with the demand they received when tickets went on sale.

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Twitterrific Update Brings Readability & Droplr Integration, Lots Of Improvements


Twitterrific, one of my favorite Twitter clients on iOS, got a new update this week that adds Readability integration for bookmarking tweets you want to catch up with later, as well as support for image hosting service Droplr. The update also comes with a ton of bug fixes and improvements.

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The Owners Of Digg Have Bought Instapaper


Marco Arment has sold his popular read-it-later service Instapaper to Betaworks, the company that recently acquired and rebranded Digg. For years, Instapaper has been a widely-used web service and iOS app for saving links to read later in a clean layout without ads.

Don’t worry, Instapaper won’t be going anywhere. Arment and Betaworks plan to keep developing and maturing the service.

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