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Your Next Smartphone Could Carry A Foxconn Display [Rumor]


Foxconn Electronics is to begin producing high-resolution OLED smartphone displays starting in 2015, according supply chain sources in Taiwan. The company has reportedly reached a deal with Taiwanese panel maker Innolux, which will undertake the production of the 4- and 5-inch screens.

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Innolux Will Help Make The iPad Mini 2’s Touch Panel [Rumor]


A new report suggests that the next iPad mini will be getting a new touch panel supplier, and guess what? It’s not Samsung.

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iPhone 5S To Get New ‘Touch-On-Display’ As Apple Ditches In-Cell Touch Tech [Rumor]


If you believe all the rumors you read about the next iPhone, then you’re probably expecting it to come in all kinds of sizes and a wide variety of colors. The latest claims that Apple is set to ditch the iPhone 5’s in-cell touch technology after just one year in favor of a new “touch-on-display” technology from Chimei Innolux. According to the report, the move will prevent the interference issues Apple has had with the iPhone 5’s display.

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