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The Infinity Blade series comes to an end with Kingdom Come


Here’s the bad news: Chair’s Infinity Blade series, which has been one of the biggest showcases of what the iPhone and iPad hardware can do for gaming, is set to end next week.

Here’s the good news. Infinity Blade is going out with a bang, with Infinity Blade III getting its fourth and final content update, Kingdom Come.

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In Fear I Trust Combines The Room With Spooky Ghosts [Review]

In Fear I Trust

I’m a sucker for two kinds of mobile games: ones featuring improbably cute characters (preferably animals because they are more cuddly) and those that promise to scare the crap out of me.

In Fear I Trust by Black Wing Foundation
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $2.99

In Fear I Trust, a new horror title by developer Black Wing Foundation, falls under the second category, but this first bit is just the first two chapters of a longer story, so we can’t really write off cuddly animals completely yet. But it’s the story of a person who has survived insane and amoral experiments at the hands of crazy Russian scientists, so I’m not going to hold my breath.

So far, it’s a dark and gloomy experience with more puzzles than frights, but it still has a lot going for it.

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Play This, Not That: Better Alternatives To iOS Games That Fall Short

Breach and Clear

Look: We know that not every iOS game is perfect. They all have their little quirks and irregularities, and some are flat-out broken. But among those that are actually playable, some contain a core mechanic that stumbles somewhere along the way. And maybe it’s a cool idea, but it feels like it could just be executed a little better.

That’s where this series comes in. We round up games that are not necessarily bad but just fall short in some area, and we suggest other titles that do it better.

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The Original ‘Infinity Blade’ Is Now Free For A Limited Time [Deals]


Infinity Blade came out nearly three years ago, but even though its been one of the most successful iOS games ever thanks to its impressive graphics and rich gameplay, Chair has only made the game available for free once, but for a limited time the company is giving away the game on the App Store starting today.

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Supercharge Your Infinity Blade Graphics Even On Older Devices [Jailbreak]


There’s a reason that Apple usually invites Epic Games on stage. The developers’ mobile-only series, Infinity Blade and its sequels, shows off the gaming potential of any new iOS device by pushing its graphical potential to the very limits.

Infinity Blade games look beautiful no matter what device you run them on, but there’s a big difference graphically between playing Infinity Blade III on an iPad 2 and an iPad Air. If you happen to have a jailbroken device, though, a new jailbreak tweak will trick Infinity Blade into running at a higher graphical setting… apparently with little degradation of performance.

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Chair Games Releases New Cinematic Trailer For Infinity Blade III [Video]


We got a glimpse of the incredible graphics and gameplay of Chair’s upcoming Infinity Blade III during the Apple’s keynote on Tueday, but Chair released a cinematic trailer for the new game this morning that dives into the Infinity Blade mythology of the first two games before setting up the narrative of the final chapter of Infinity Blade.

Unlike Infinity Blade: Dungeons – which was eventually canned after fans were left waiting over a year for the release – Infinity Blade III is ready to go and will launch in the App Store on September 18th for $6.99.  The game features seven huge new worlds, fire-breathing dragons, and enough swordplay to keep you entertained for weeks.

Take a look:

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‘Infinity Blade 3’ Is Probably Definitely Gonna Happen At Some Point

A screenshot from the never-released 'Infinity Blade Dungeons'.

A screenshot from the unreleased ‘Infinity Blade Dungeons’.

We shed a tear when Infinity Blade Dungeons was canned after mouthwatering footage was shown at an Apple event, but there may still be hope. One of the most popular iOS games in history isn’t over yet, if a LinkedIn profile is to be believed.

A Senior Q&A Tester for ChAIR Entertainment, the iOS development arm for Epic Games, has “Infinity Blade 3 for the iPhone” listed as one of the games he’s testing. While that’s by no means a confirmation, it isn’t surprising. ChAIR teased us with “just wait till you see what we’ve got in store for the Infinity Blade universe” earlier this month.

Infinity Blade II received a big upgrade last summer, but development has been quiet since then.

Maybe we’ll see Infinity Blade III at an Apple event this fall? Now that iOS 7 opens up the possibility for hardware controllers, things could very interesting.

‘Infinity Blade II’ Gained Almost 6 Million Players During App Store Giveaway


When the App Store celebrated its fifth birthday last week, Apple made a number of top iOS apps and games free. One of those was Infinity Blade II, and it was the first time the title had been given away since its release in November 2011.

So it’s hardly surprising it was a massive success. In just seven days, the sword-fighting action game had attracted 5.7 million new players, with 1.7 million of those getting the game on the first day the promotion went live.

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‘Infinity Blade: Dungeons’ Has Officially Been Canned


Chair Entertainment has confirmed that Infinity Blade: Dungeons, the third installment in the Infinity Blade franchise for iOS, has officially been canned.

Fans have been looking forward to the title since it was announced last March during an Apple iPad event, but its future has looked uncertain since the studio that was developing the game, Impossible Games, was closed back in February.

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Infinity Blade Goes Free For The First Time Ever Thanks To Apple


Infinity Blade, the spectacular sword slinger from Epic Games studio ChAIR Entertainment, has gone free for the first time since making its App Store debut back in December 2010. The title, which is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, has been chosen by Apple as its free App of the Week.

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