Apple will open a new R&D center in Jakarta next year


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Apple's investment in research and development continues.
Photo: Lyle Kahney/Cult of Mac

Apple has plans to open a new research and development center in Jakarta next year, according to Indonesia Communication and Information Minister Rudiantara. The project is said to be in its final stages and building is expected to begin in late December.

Apple Is Investigating Whether Or Not Tin Used In Its Products Is Hurting Indonesia


Apple needs a lot of tin to make its assortment of gadgets, but tin can be a very environmentally unfriendly business. It can destroy tropical forests and coral reefs, and it can bankrupt the people who depend on tropical forests and coral reefs for their livelihood. No tropical forests? No trees. No coral reefs? No fish.

Much of the tin-mining in the world is done on Bangka Island in Indonesia. Unfortunately, only some of the tin mining done there is regulated, meaning they watch out for the environmental impact. Recently, there’s been a lot of concern that Apple might actually be buying up tin from unregulated mines, taking part in the environmental destruction of the locale. That’s why Apple’s launching an investigation on the matter.

Foxconn’s Freezing Hires In China To Hire More Workers In Other Countries



There have been a lot of theories floated for why Foxconn froze new hires earlier this month. Early rumors suggested that iPhone 5 production had slowed, while later reports said that Apple’s new measures to improve working conditions had caused fewer workers than usual to abandon their posts over Chinese New Year.

Now there’s a new theory: Foxconn’s getting out of China, at least in part.