Upgrade your parties with the LaserDock [Review]


If you’re having frequent parties, or if you’re a DJ, this is the perfect piece of kit for you.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Wicked Lasers, the company behind the popular Spyder lasers and the world’s most powerful flashlight, has a new product designed to take parties to the next level. The LaserDock houses a laser projector and music visualizer in one. And it promises to be easy enough for anyone with a Mac or PC to operate.

The LaserDock was introduced on Indiegogo with much fanfare in September, surpassing its original goal. But does it deliver? Check out our video review below.

Versatile leather iPhone case lets you stow your earbuds [Reviews]


guardian-leather-iphone-6-6s-wallet-case - 1
This wallet case holds more than just cards and cash.
Photo: George Tinari/Cult of Mac

Touted as “the ultimate iPhone leather case” by its creators, the Guardian Leather case for iPhone 6 and 6s is a new wallet-style accessory with a campaign that just launched on Indiegogo. It’s designed with various functions in mind, but the focus on music takes the cake: You can control the volume from the outside of the case and even store your earbuds along the side of it.

I spent some time with the Guardian Leather to test the various functions it promises to deliver and the overall quality of the case. If you’re a fan, you have plenty of time to back the Indiegogo project — just under one month left.

Finally! A mood lamp that looks like a Slinky


The right light simply unfolds with Orilamp.
The right light simply unfolds with Orilamp.
Photo: Orilamp

The right light can wake us in a good mood, make us productive in work or art and enhance the romance. But, the right light is not something we normally carry with us.

Orilamp, a portable accordion lamp you control with an iOS app, is trying to change that.

What looks like two stacked wooden coasters unfold into a half circle or can be stretched out. The intensity of the Bluetooth-enabled LED light source can be controlled by the app and burn for up to seven hours on a charge.

Poros backpack lets you commute with style and a little extra power


The Tetra by Poros greatly reduces low-battery anxiety.
The Tetra by Poros greatly reduces low-battery anxiety.
Photo: Poros

You could say John Borofka has put a handle on power.

He founded Poros, a company that designs travel and accessories bags with built-in battery system to charge your devices. The company’s fourth bag is a stylish backpack called the Tetra.

The Tetra carries a 10,000 mAh lithium ion battery, enough juice to fully charge a MacBook Retina or an iPhone 6s four and a half times. It can be ordered with a dedicated Apple Lightning Connector and is ready for the future with USB-C compatibility.