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Indian Launch Of iPad Air and iPad Mini To Take Place This Week


Breaking with the tradition of Friday launches in India — and despite rumors that it would take place on November 29 — Apple has announced that customers in India will be able to buy the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display as of Saturday, December 7.

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iPhone 5c May Be Significantly Outselling Galaxy S4 In India


Cult of Mac may have previously reported that Apple manufacturer Foxconn was scaling back on iPhone 5c production — instead focusing its attention on the 5s — but it seems that there is at least one place where the iPhone 5c is finding its audience: and that place is India.

Although actual sales figures aren’t on offer — meaning that this relies on anecdotal evidence — resellers have reported far higher demand for the 5c than the new model Samsung smartphone.

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iPhone 5s Sells Out In 24 Hours In India


All demand, but no supply!

24 hours after being launched in India, retailers sold out of the iPhone 5s — leading to retail chains asking for replenished stocks, following an unprecedented demand for the new smartphone.

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iPhone Now Available For Sale On Contract In India For First Time


The iPhone just became much more cost-friendly in the second largest wireless market in the world. India’s third largest carrier, Reliance Communications, has started selling the iPhone 5c and 5s with a two-year contract. Indian customers have previously only been able to purchase the iPhone for its full, unsubsidized price off contract.

India is a key emerging market for Apple, and this move could significantly bolster iPhone sales in the country if it catches on at other Indian carriers.

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Google Play Store Surpasses App Store In Downloads But Still Lags In Revenue


Google Play has finally surpassed the App Store in the number of downloads in a quarter for the first time ever according to a report from App Annie.

Thanks to strong performances in India and Brazil, Google Play topped the App Store with 10% more app downloads in Q2 2013. Despite Google Play netting more downloads, when it comes down to what matters most – cash, money, revenue – Apple is still generating 2.3x more dead presidents than Google Play.

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China, Brazil And India To Surpass U.S. As Largest Smartphone Markets By 2018


While the U.S. market has been the biggest measure for success with handset makers over the last few years, all of that may soon change as the U.S. smartphone market quickly gets dwarfed by China and others.

According to a new report from ABI Research, China will displace the U.S. as the largest smartphone market by the end of 2013, but just five years later both India and Brazil will pass the U.S. too:

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Apple Reseller Offering Free Upgrade To iOS 7 Beta With iPhone 5 Purchase


Apple resellers in China and India will try almost anything to get people to buy an iPhone but one premium reseller in India is taking it to an all-new level by offering customers a free upgrade to the iOS 7 beta with the purchase of an iPhone 5.

Don’t want to have to buy a new iPhone 5 just to play with iOS 7? The store says they’ll also let you pay to just upgrade to the iOS 7 beta for $20 if you have an iPhone 5 but it’ll cost you $23 for an iPad.

iOS 7 is in its second round of beta testing with developers and won’t be released until Fall 2013. The reseller’s Facebook posts advertising the promo have already been taken down, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple already put the kibosh on iCentre India’s new marketing strategies.

iPhone Sales In India Could Bolster Apple’s Profit There To Over $1 Billion [Report]


Apple’s making a big push in India, and it appears to be paying off. According to an article in The Times of India, Apple India’s revenue already rose by a factor of three last year, and analysts there expect the current brisk sales of iPhones to boost the company’s bottom line to over $1 billion in the current year.

While Apple does not disclose financials for the Indian sales unit, it does file with the Indian Registrar of Companies. In that filing, Apple reported a 431 percent rise in net profit this year, which the Times attributes to iPhone sales.

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Apple Plans To Triple Number Of Authorized Resellers In India By 2015


For Apple to really compete with Samsung in terms of global smartphone marketshare, many analysts believe Apple will have to release a cheaper iPhone to appeal to customers in India and China.

As talk of a cheaper iPhone has ramped up over the last few months, Apple is also planning to increase its presence in India by tripling the number of exclusive authorized reseller stores in the country from 65 to 200 by 2015.

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Analyst Peter Misek Thinks Next Two Years Will Be Rough Period For Apple


Jefferies analyst Peter Misek is one of our favorite Apple analysts in the entire world. Mostly because his Apple predictions are usually horribly wrong.

After the disastrous Apple TV SDK Event rumor he created earlier in the month, Misek is back with a new note to Apple investors, and it’s not a happy one. According to Misek, Apple is about to face a very rough two-year period, and he might actually be right.

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