Indian actor teases ‘Apple VR’ after meeting Tim Cook


Virtual reality was one of the first iPhone accessories Apple considered. Photo: USPTO/Apple
Is Apple finally getting eady to make this a reality?
Photo: Apple

Is Apple finally going to dip its toe into the fast-growing world of virtual reality?

Everyone’s been waiting for the Cupertino company to make its move as devices like the Samsung Gear VR become increasingly popular, and according to Indian actor Emraan Hashmi — who met with Tim Cook this week — “Apple VR” is on its way!

Apple’s new Indian office is dedicated to fixing Maps

Find out when your Mac is looking at your location data.
Apple's new office is entirely dedicated to Apple Maps.
Photo: Apple

Tim Cook, Jeff Williams and other top Apple execs are on a packed tour of India right now, and to mark the occasion Apple has announced the opening of a new office in Indian tech hub Hyderabad that will focus on improving Apple Maps.

The office will create up to 4,000 jobs in the the region, and according to Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao, “is testament to [the] proactive approach, quality infrastructure and … excellent talent base we have in the region.”

Tim Cook’s visit to India will be insanely busy

Tim Cook's got big plans while in India.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Tim Cook doesn’t get much downtime to enjoy being the king of all things Apple, does he?

Recently he was troubleshooting in China, and now Apple’s CEO has landed for a week-long stay in India, with five other senior Apple execs, during which time they will meet with top execs and politicians in the country, visit the location of Apple’s new tech development center, and much more.