Take a Look at How the iPhone’s Profile Has Evolved



Veteran iPhone case-maker Incase sent us this image of all four iPhone forms in profile — each covered by a version of their Slider cases, which, as Incase says, has been available since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. We thought we’d share it; simple, yet fascinating, isn’t it. The pace of change has slowed somewhat of late. At least, cosmetically anyway.

Oh, right — the Slider; you can pre-order your $35 iPhone 5 Slider case now, and Incase will ship one to you when they become available in October.

Source: Incase

Incase’s Pathway Bags Are As Ruggedly Handsome As George Clooney


Happy Christmas/birthday/[insert gift-giving occasion here].



If you were to ask me what my ideal Christmas morning looked like, then the photograph above is a pretty good answer. I have a thing for bags, cases and sleeves of all kinds, and these leather and cotton twill Pathway bags from Incase make for a compelling range. The only problem is choosing which one you want.

Incase Reflex Headphones: Like Wearing Your Favorite Pair of Jeans on Your Head [Review]


Denim never looked better.

Discovering great headphones from a company that specializes in making bags was surprisng at first, when we reviewed Incase’s Sonic headphones late last year. A month later we were less stunned when we grunted in approval at their Capsule in-ear ‘phones during our budget(ish) canalphone shootout.

This time around we played with a new denim-clad version of the on-the-ear Incase Reflex headphones ($80) — which sit between the $150 over-the-ear Sonic and the canalphone Capsules — and came away with the impression that the Reflex may very well be the best bang-for-buck of the bunch.

$25 Buys You $50 At Incase [Deals-Ends Today!]



Unique deal here today. For $25 you get to spend $50 at incase. If you’re a Mac, iPhone, or iPad owner you’ve probably seen (or own) some incase before. The Apple Store stocks their gear, so do most other places who sell Apple gear. Why?


I own several things from incase, including a bag that I’ve abused but still looks great. And funny that we should be talking about incase, because Charlie Sorrel just highlighted an incase product in his recent blogging from the iPad post—the incase Origami Workstation.

This deal ends today! Seriously get it. The Origami Case is as awesome as I thought!

The Best Headphones [Best Of]

The earbuds that came with your $600 iPhone are junk, and if you bought an iPad, Apple didn’t even include a pair in the box. It’s time to upgrade.

Trouble is, there are all kinds of cans out there. How do you know what set is right for you? Some people (like me) seem to have a pair for every situation. For everyone else, here’s our guide to the best.