Last Chance to Win – Cult of Mac Weeklong Giveaway!



We’ve given away an iMainGo X everyday this week. Although we wish we could keep it up, today is the last day for our awesome Cult of Mac readers to win this prize. If you’ve entered the contest everyday this week and still come up empty handed, here is your last chance, so make it count. Because we’re filling generous, we’re going to give everyone the option to submit two entries into the contest. Here’s how to enter:

Cult of Mac Thursday Twitter Trivia Giveaway, Today at 3pm PDT!


We’re back at it again today. After yesterday’s highly successful Twitter Trivia Giveaway we’ve decided to give everyone another chance to win the Twitter Trivia Giveaway. We’ve been giving out free stuff all week via Twitter, but we’re nearing the end of our weeklong giveaway. With only two more chances to win you got to make each try count. If you’d like to join our three other winners and receive a free iMainGo X we’d be happy to have one sent to you as long as you play by the rules.

Cult of Mac iMainGo X Weeklong Giveaway – Here’s Your Second Chance To Win!



Did you hear the fantastic news that Cult of Mac is hosting a weeklong giveaway to celebrate our Twitter followers? Well, if you missed the post in the mountain of news that we unleashed yesterday in our WWDC coverage we’ll forgive you and give you a second chance to win. Today we’re holding another giveaway contest, where one lucky winner will receive a free iMainGo X, the powerful portable speaker system that lets you blast music from your iPod/iPhone wherever you go. You gotta enter to win though, so here’s how to submit your name for the drawing.

Win a Free iMainGoX Portable iPhone/iPod Speaker System from Cult of Mac! [Twitter Giveaway]


Last Thursday we told our Twitter followers we would throw a weeklong giveaway party if we reached 50,000 Twitter followers by the end of the week. Well, our fans heard the call and exceeded our expectations by boosting us up to 53,000! To show our gratitude for our fans we’ll be giving away an awesome iMainGo X (along with some other stuff) every day this week, starting today. Entry into each daily contest will be varied depending on the day, so keep an eye out for the giveaway posts so that you can ensure you win. Here’s how to enter today’s giveaway: