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Hone Your Editing Skills With Photoshop Video Academy [Deals]


Designers, photographers, artists, budding photoshop gurus – be honest with yourself, could your Photoshop, Lightroom, or Illustrator skills use some retouching? Maybe you just want to add a couple new tricks to your editor’s arsenal or bolster your portfolio.

No matter the reasoning, Photoshop Video Academy is the place to do it, and right now Cult of Mac Deals is offering you a one-year membership to the site for only $49 – 75% off the regular price – and this course is chock-full of easy-to-follow high-definition video tutorials for Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator.

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PhotoDirector 5 Ultra: The Affordable Alternative To Adobe Photoshop [Deals]


If you’ve been searching for a less expensive application that’s similar to Adobe Photoshop, then Cult of Mac Deals has found your match.

PhotoDirector 5 Ultra combines all the features you need for photography in a single workflow—efficient photo management, pro-quality adjustments and creative photo editing. With native 64-bit support, non-destructive tools, RAW support for popular DSLRs and Ultra 4K slideshow output, PhotoDirector is all you need to turn your photos into works of art. And Cult of Mac Deals has it for 50% off: only $49.99.

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Get More Tools For Adobe Photoshop With The Ultimate Photoshop Layers Bundle [Deals]

CoM - ultimate_layers_mainframe_630x473

There’s a lot of power under the hood in Photoshop. One of the keys to that power is layers – and it’s important to use them in order to get even more out of Photoshop. With layers you work on top of (or on) copies of that photo, and – ultimately – have more control in terms of blending, opacity, and masking.

The bottom line is that layers are a tremendous asset. And Cult of Mac Deals is offering you a ton of Photoshop layers for just $20 with The Ultimate Photoshop Layers Bundle.

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Capture Everything And Communicate Visually With Clarify [Deals]

CoM - Clarify

You know how painful it can be when a customer or team member doesn’t understand your instructions. This Cult of Mac Deals offer aims to help you solve that problem…with Clarify.

Clarify makes it easy to communicate with images. It is screen capture software that offers a faster, simpler alternative to screen recordings. Create annotated images with ease – and be sure your message is understood.

And Cult of Mac Deals has Clarify for only $19 during this limited time offer.

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Pixelmator 2.2 Blueberry Sees Half A Million Downloads In Just One Week


We’re big fans of Pixelmator here at Cult of Mac — it’s one of the finest image editors you can buy for your Mac, and it’s just $14.99. And it appears we’re not the only ones who love it. Pixelmator just announced that its latest 2.2 Blueberry update has seen over 500,000 downloads in just one week, becoming its most successful release to date.

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Pixelmator 2.2 Available Now With More Than 100 New Features & Improvements


Pixelmator 2.2 just hit the Mac App Store, bringing more than 100 new features and improvements to one of the finest image editors on OS X. The update includes smart shape tools, a new light leak effect, a custom shapes palette, and lots more.

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Acorn 4 For OS X Brings New Tools, Faster Image Editing And An Improved Interface To The Mac

Acorn 4

If you’re not already using Acorn for Mac OS X, now might be the time to give this Photoshop alternative a look. The newest version, Acorn 4, just hit developer Flying Meat’s web page, coming in at an affordable thirty bucks and a host of improvements, tweaks, and additional features.

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Get Easy Photo Editing At Its Best With Funtastic Photos [Deals]

CoM - Funtastic Photos

Funtastic Photos brings together all the top photo enhancing possibilities from Photoshop and allows you to apply them to your photos in just a click. And at only $19 thanks to Cult of Mac Deals, Funtastic Photos is easily the best value photo editor, printing, and sharing software on the market!

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Achieve New Graphical Heights With The Awesome Design Bundle [Deals]

Achieve New Graphical Heights With The Awesome Design Bundle [Deals]

You can’t just get by with an average design, especially in a world where retina displays are becoming popular and the blogosphere is becoming more critical of things like how an app and website looks – all the way down to its icon. You need to make sure that anything you create doesn’t just perform well, but it looks even better. With all that is offered in The Awesome Design Bundle courtesy of Cult of Mac Deals, you’ll be able to design better than ever before.

This Awesome Design Bundle is a collection of excellent design resources that will help you achieve new graphical heights – and you can get it here for only $39!

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Run The Gimp (Or Other X11 Apps) Full Screen [OS X Tips]

Run The Gimp (Or Other X11 Apps) Full Screen [OS X Tips]

If you regularly use any X11 apps in Lion, such as the Gimp image editor, then you might dislike to the confusion of each X11 app utilizing its own menu bar. A way to make X11 apps easier to work with is to integrate X11 with Mission Control’s spaces and to run X11 full screen. Here are the steps.

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