The Dock is Not Dead: iLuv’s New Lightning-Equipped Aud 5




One word cropped up over and over at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, and it wasn’t “speakerdock” (yes, that may be two words; but I’m merging them here because that’s what I’m doing). In fact, the word was “Bluetooth” — a word discordant with the very idea of a dock-equipped speaker.

And yet, amid the tsunami of Bluetooth-equipped speakers at CES, there were holdouts — adherers to the Old Way of doing things, of physically connecting a device to its speaker.

One such holdout is the Aud 5, iLuv’s first speaker dock to harbor a Lightning connector.

Like A Leica-Like Leather Case? iLuv Has Your iPhone 5 Covered [CES 2013]



CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – It’d be easy to believe that CES is totally about the press, but the real reason its here is for device makers to hawk their wares to dealers, store chains and so on.

And that’s what’s happening at the iLuv booth, which this year has a neat Lightning iPhone dock (more on that in another post) and this super-stylish iPhone case.

First iPhone 5 Cases Show Up In AT&T’s System



The iPhone 5 is coming, which means iPhone 5 cases are coming, and unlike third-party accessory makers that need access to the specs of Apple’s still-secret rejiggered Dock Connector, case makers have had accurate access to the next iPhone’s dimensions and port layout for months.

No surprise, then, that the first third-party iPhone 5 cases and screen protectors are starting to show up in AT&T’s system. Unless you love Snoopy, though, the iLuv wallet case previewed above is probably the best of them.

Source: Boy Genius Report