Apple Watch will stay ahead in smartwatch race, but look out for Android Wear!

Apple Watch will continue to lead, but don't expect its current lead to stay the same.
Photo: Apple

In terms of marketshare, the Apple Watch’s watchOS compared to Google’s Android Wear is likely to follow a similar trajectory to iOS and Android.

In other words, while Apple is dominating right now in smartwatch shipments, that balance promises to shift somewhat over the coming years as new low-cost competitors enter the market.

Don’t expect the iPhone sales slump to last long


Didn't we like the sharpe edges of the iPhone 5 more anyway?
The end of the iPhone sales boom? Hardly.
Photo: TechRax/YouTube

iPhone sales may be set to level off this year, according to Tim Cook, but don’t think that Apple handsets are entering an irreversible decline.

According to the latest forecast from analysts at IDC, in their Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, iPhone growth should return as soon as 2017 — thanks to Apple’s trade-in programs and expansion into new markets outside the United States.

Mac sales are slowing down, but don’t blame Apple


21.5-inch iMacs might be coming soon.
PC sales are on the downturn, and Apple's not exempt.
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Apple just announced record-breaking iPhone 6s sales, but according to a new report, the Mac may not be showing quite the same upward trajectory.

Research firms Gartner and IDC both claim Mac sales have slowed to their lowest rate since late 2013, although they disagree about the extent.