Apple begins purging Google Maps from


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Two years after Apple replaced Google with its own Maps app in iOS 6, the last remnant of Google Maps in Apple’s ecosystem is getting the boot. Apple has begun switching to its own mapping service for the Find My iPhone web app on

The change isn’t visible for everyone yet, but it can be seen from the beta version of where Apple tests upcoming features.

Collaborate With Others Using Shared Reminders In Mountain Lion And iCloud [OS X Tips]


Shared Reminders

Got a birthday wish list you’d like to share with significant others, making sure they are never wanting for just the right gift to give you for the next celebration? How about a grocery list that you can add to secure in the knowledge that your husband or wife will know to stop and get garlic at the store on the way home from work? Or even a shared task list for your work teammates, guaranteeing that you can hold them responsible for stuff on “the list?”

Sounds pretty handy, right? Well, you can set this up using Reminders on the Mac, an app that comes with OS X Mountain Lion and syncs via iCloud to iPhones, iPads and iPod touches, as well as with Here’s how to set it up.

Walkthrough Of Apple’s New Notes, Reminders And Find My iPhone Web Apps From The iCloud Beta


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Apple unveiled its website today after the portal went live briefly a couple months ago. Developers can log into the beta iCloud website now and test out Apple’s two brand new web companion apps for Notes and Reminders. The Find My iPhone web app has also been updated with a new look and slight improvements.

We’ve got a quick walkthrough (including screenshots) of the changes revealed in the iCloud beta website today.