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Elon Musk Says Apple Acquisition Of Tesla ‘Very Unlikely’


Tesla’s stock soared earlier this week when rumors surfaced that Apple and Tesla executives had talks about the iPhone giant acquiring the electric car maker.

Apple considered making an iCar before inventing the iPhone, and they’ve lost prized engineers to the automaker, but it’s unclear how a merger would  benefit the two companies, especially Tesla.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Elon Musk, CEO and co-founder of Telsa, confirmed the two companies have been talking about something, but fanboys shouldn’t get their hopes up on a merger happening:

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Apple’s VP Of Mac Hardware Engineering Is Leaving To Make A New Tesla

CC-licensed via Flickr, thanks cdorobek.

Tesla Motors announced this afternoon that it has managed to snatch up Doug Field who has been serving as Apple’s Vice President of Mac Hardware Engineering for the past five years. Field is joining the Tesla as its new Vice President of Vehicle Programs and will be responsible for developing new electric vehicles for the company.

Before joining Apple in 2008 to help make the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac, Field worked at Segway for nine years, but he actually started off his engineering career at Ford Motor Company. Elon Musk released the following statement regarding the company’s newest addition:

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Apple Granted Patent For Touchscreen Controlled Car Dashboard


Using your iPhone while driving is a huge no-no unless you want to die in a fiery crash of metal and flesh. Rather than putting all of its hopes behind Siri though, Apple has dreams of replacing all of your dashboard controls with a touchscreen interface.

According the the U.S. patent filing No. 8,482,535, Apple has developed a concept that would replace the analog controls of car dashboard with tactile and touch screen controls so you can keep your eyes on the road while adjusting temperature or changing the radio station.

Here’s how Apple described its dashboard to the USPTO: 

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Volkwagen Is Making An ‘iBeetle’ (And Boy Is It Stupid)

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 12.14.36 PM

Ah, the iCar. We’ve been waiting for Apple to make a real one for years, ever since they transformed a Porsche into one way back in 1980. And we know Steve Jobs was game.

So the promise that Volkswagen is preparing an iBeetle might, at first, seem of interest to Apple fans and auto enthusiasts. But don’t get too excited, because the iBeetle is lame.

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In 1980, Apple Made A Porsche Into An Actual ‘iCar’


For the last two decades of his life, Steve Jobs was a Mercedes man, through and through. But in the 80s, Steve Jobs was a Porsche man. He gave one as an award to the salesman who sold the most Macs in the United States. And in 1980, Apple even sponsored a Porsche to race in the 24 Hours of Le Mans sports car endurance race.

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5 Incredible Apple Products Designed By Steve Jobs We Still Haven’t Seen [Feature]

5 Incredible Apple Products Designed By Steve Jobs We Still Haven’t Seen [Feature]

The visionary co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, may have been dead for a year today, but the fruits of his incredible imagination, indefatigable quest for perfection and keen design eye are still ripening and shaking from the tree of the company that he created. The recently released iPhone 5 and new Lightning Connectors were  approved by him before he died,  the upcoming iPad mini was greenlit personally by Steve, and Apple’s upcoming roadmap for the next couple of years will probably be filled with projects that he personally oversaw.

Some of Steve Jobs’s last unrealized products loom larger than others, though. Here are the five incredible products from Steve Jobs that we still haven’t seen.

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Steve Jobs Wanted To Make An iCar

Steve Jobs Wanted To Make An iCar

What would an iCar look like?

Interesting factoids and stories about late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs have been constantly surfacing since his death in October of last year. Biographer Walter Isaacson revealed that Jobs had “finally cracked” a standalone Apple TV set, and many “lost” interviews and anecdotes with Jobs have made headlines over the last several months.

One of Jobs’ more interesting closet skeletons is the fact that he dreamed of designing an iCar before he died.

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