Soak up Austria’s beauty in hyperlapse


A scene from A Taste of Austria, a hyperlapse trip by FilmSpektakel. Photo: FilmSpektakel/YouTube
A scene from A Taste of Austria, a hyperlapse trip by FilmSpektakel. Photo: FilmSpektakel/YouTube

If you only had about three minutes to spend in the country of Austria, let Thomas Pocksteiner and Peter Jablonowski give you the tour.

The filmmakers, who formed FilmSpektakel, have just released a breath-taking hyperlapse tour of their country. The two-minute, 54-second video took two years of filming and was winnowed down from 5 TB of raw footage.

Their travel Valentine, A Taste of Austria, awakens the senses with movement, sweeping and seamless color changes with day-to-night transitions and 360-degree views of architectural and natural wonders.

How to access Hyperlapse’s secret settings and record in 1080p



Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app is a phenomenal tool to capture buttery smooth timelapse video with more options and tweaks offered than iOS 8’s built-in timelapse feature. But if you’ve got a new iPhone 6 and want to record 1080p Hyperlapses you’re out of luck, unless you know how to access its secret settings menu.

Hyperlapsers can tap into their iPhone’s full potential by accessing the hidden ‘Labs’ menu that lets you tweak everything from your recording resolution, frame rate, speed multiplier options and even the sound levels.

Here’s how to access Hyperlapse’s secret settings:

How to make impressive time-lapse videos with Hyperlapse



Hyperlapse, the new time-lapse video app from Instagram, is taking the Web by storm. In today’s video, Cult of Mac goes hands-on with the free app to show you exactly how to use it to make incredible videos.

We also explain why Hyperlapse beats out iOS 8’s built-in time-lapse feature, and we’ll show you some of the best videos made with Instagram’s new app so far.

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Instagram explains the cool tech behind new Hyperlapse app



Yesterday Instagram released Hyperlapse, its new app for making time lapse videos. The obvious benefit of time lapsing footage is that you can cram more into a 15-second clip, but the videos also end up looking really cool.

Hyperlapse takes the time lapse concept to the next level by encouraging you to move around while you shoot. That ends up opening the doors for all kinds of creative shots. You’d normally have to pay thousands of dollars for video gear to make the HD footage Hyperlapse can, but now anyone can do it with an iPhone for free.

The engineers at Instagram have shared what went into making the app. Here are a few takeaways: