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Get Those Stinking Badge Numbers Off Your iPhone’s Home Screen [iOS Tips]

Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Sure, it’s nice to know you have a bunch of unread email messages. And it’s understandable that iOS apps notify you about every little activity. But after a while, all the little numbers in the red circles on my iPhone’s home screen start to feel like a chore.

I hate having to open up apps just to clear out the taunting little numbers. I could ignore them, but they’re designed to bother me (or, more politely, to get my attention). I mean, I have healthy emotional boundaries, but this is getting ridiculous.

So I turned them off — and you can, too.

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This Is Without A Doubt What iOS 8 Should Look Like

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 7.25.22 AM

iOS 7 was a major reinvention of Apple’s mobile operating system, but despite all of the new colors, animations, and fonts, it’s still just a grid of apps in a day in which every other smartphone OS has moved on.

Nepalese designer Sangam Bhandari thinks Apple can — and should — further. In his latest concept, he imagines a new home screen that is more than just an app launcher, but something like a mash-up between Notification Center and the current Home Screen.

We think it looks great. Check it out after the jump and tell us what you think.

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Create A Better Home Screen Icon For Web Sites With Mobile Safari [iOS Tips]


Ever go to add a website to your Home Screen in mobile Safari and notice it just looks like a jumbled, unidentifiable mess?

This doesn’t happen too often any more, as most sites have learned how to create a special icon for Home Screen bookmarks on iOS, but every so often, you’ll come across a site that won’t have a custom icon.

When that happens, here’s a quick and easy way to make that Home Screen icon look a bit better.

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The Evolution Of The iOS Home Screens


iOS has undergone a ton of small changes over the last six years, but never we have we seen as drastic changes as Apple has made with iOS 7. Don’t think iOS 7 is that big of change? Take a look at the image above that shows the evolution of the iOS home screen.

Jailbreakers have been able to customize their phones to look similar to iOS 7 now, but this is the first time that Apple is breaking away from some of the UI design principles that have made iOS so successful. The high res version can be viewed here.

iOS Glitch Allows Spaces To Be Added To Home Screen Without Jailbreak


There are some nifty tweaks for jailbroken iOS devices that allow you to add blank spaces to your home screen and arrange your app icons any way you like. Well now you don’t need to jailbreak to have this option, because a newly-discovered glitch in iOS lets you create blank spaces with a bit of trickery.

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How Amazing Can You Make Your Jailbroken iPhone Look? [Contest]


Jailbreaking allows you to do all sorts of wonderful things to your iPhone that Apple wouldn’t trust you with. It’s totally awesome and can completely change the look of your iPhone, which could be great, or horrible depending on your taste in design, fonts, and wallpapers.

We’ve seen some really beautiful iPhone themes and tweaks over the last year, which got us thinking, “How beautiful could you make your homescreen with jailbreak tweaks?”

We could go down this lovely path alone, but we’d love to have our pals accompany us. So what do you say? Make your iPhone homescreen as pretty and different as possible, take a screenshot, and then post it in the Cult of Mac Flickr group. The five best homescreens will win a free copy of Kuvva Wallpapers, so hurry up and beautify your homescreens.

Here’s how to enter the contest:

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New Pages+ Tweak Supercharges Your iOS Home Screen [Jailbreak]


Pages+ is a new tweak for jailbroken iOS devices which promises to supercharge your home screen. It adds some great features, like home screen “cards” and multi-page wallpapers that change as you flick through them — and it’s compatible with other popular tweaks like Barrel and Winterboard themes. Check out the demonstration video below.

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How The iPhone 5 Compares To RIM’s Upcoming BlackBerry Z10 [Video]


You may have noticed that people are making a lot fuss about Research in Motion’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices. And so they should. BlackBerry fans have been waiting for these handsets for several years, and they have high hopes for them. Furthermore, the devices are likely to determine whether or not RIM can save itself amid increasing competition from the iPhone and Android-powered devices.

The first BB10 devices won’t get their official unveiling until later this month, but numerous handsets have already found their way out into the wild. In the video below, a leaked BlackBerry Z10 goes up against the iPhone 5 in a comparison against size and form factor, as well as features.

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These Gorgeous, Book-Themed iPad Wallpapers Are Perfect For The iPad Mini As E-Reader [Gallery]

These Gorgeous, Book-Themed iPad Wallpapers Are Perfect For The iPad Mini As E-Reader [Gallery]

The iPad mini is rather perfectly sized for an e-reader: light, easy to hold, super thin. What better way to show off your reading street cred with a set of luxuriously tasty book-themed images? They’re perfectly sized for the iPad mini, with higher resolution options for its larger, more Retina-enabled bigger brothers, too.

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What are your favorite apps?

I’m gonna be honest. I totally forgot that existed. That’s because the website has been in private beta for two years, and I stopped using it after I initially uploaded my iPhone’s Home screen in 2010. So, I after finding out that has opened its doors up for everyone today, I logged back into my account. Seeing the main apps I used on my iPhone 3GS at the time brought back a flood of memories. There’s something very personal about a Home screen. It represents the apps that are most special to you. But those apps change over time.

After logging back in, I uploaded my current iPhone and iPad Home screens. It was interesting to see how my layout changed two years later and what new apps had been given first page priority. I then shared my current setup on Twitter for my friends to check out.

That’s what is about: sharing and discovering great Home screens with fellow geeks who love their iOS devices.

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