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I Need Tinsel & Timber’s Gorgeous Wooden Holder For The Apple TV


If you’re anything like me, as much as you love your Apple TV, the fact that it is so small actually causes some problems in your entertainment center, as it can actually be nudged around and fall behind things. That’s a big pain, especially since the accompanying Apple remote isn’t just equally tiny (and even easier to use), but depends on line-of-sight to work properly.

The Apple TV holder by Tinsel & Timber is a wonderful solution to this problem. A beautifully carved block of walnut with indentations for your Apple TV and remote, not only will it keep your entertainment center organized and the remote where you can find it, but it also looks great.

Tinsel & Tinder’s Apple TV holder is also available in maple, and no matter which one you buy, you can choose between three different felt colors to line it. It’s not actually that expensive, either: each one costs just $49.99.

Looking for a slightly cheaper alternative? Consider the similar product Bloc, which we previously wrote about here.

Crazy Quick-Draw Contraption For iPhone Ensures You’ll Never Miss A Call Again [Video]


Isn’t it annoying when your iPhone rings and you don’t get to it in time to answer it? One Japanese gentleman aims to solve this problem with a crazy quick-draw contraption that ensures your iPhone is never more than a flick away. Check out the hilarious demonstration video below.

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