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ReSound LiNX Is The First Hearing Aid That’s Made For The iPhone


Today the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer, GN ReSound, announced the ReSound LiNX. Designed specifically for the iPhone, the LiNX is the first hearing aid to be part of Apple’s official “Made for iPhone” program.

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Apple’s First Foray Into Wearable Computing To Be iHearing Aid?

iHearing Aid

When the topic of Apple expanding into wearable computing comes up, few people are likely thinking that a logical starting point is a new hearing aid.

But according to numerous reports, that is exactly the direction Apple is heading in. The Danish-based, fourth-largest hearing aid manufacturer in the world has been collaborating with Apple to develop a device, called the LiNX, that will allow users to stream voice and music from their iOS devices without the need for an intermediary device.

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