Sorry, can’t hear you, we’re trying out all these new headphones [Deals]

CoM - Bone Conduction
Surely one of these headphones deals will grab you by the ear.
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We’re not ignoring you, we swear, it’s just that our ears are busy with a fresh shipment of awesome earbuds and headphones. From bone-conductive to reinforced earbuds and on-ear bluetooth, these are some of the best sounding, most feature rich, and least expensive groove delivery systems we’ve had the pleasure of trying. Take a look and see if anything catches your eyes, or ears.

Here’s the dongle you’ll need to make old headphones iPhone 7 ready

Who needs a headphone jack?
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There’s no room for a 3.5mm headphone jack in Apple’s next-generation iPhones, according to recent leaks — but that doesn’t mean all your existing headphones are no good.

Accessory makers are already building all kinds of dongles that will make your favorite cans iPhone 7 ready.

Apple has a plan to revolutionize the Walkie Talkie


Apple's two-way radios would be perfect for store employees.
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Walkie Talkies could be getting a big upgrade thanks to a new Apple patent that reveals the company has been thinking about more than just iPhones when it comes to two-way voice conversations.

Apple’s new patent describes a revamped wireless communication device that connects to a receiver module via Lightning or standard headphone jack, only instead of broadcasting to other devices using cellular it uses point-to-point ad hoc networking.

Lust List: Moshi’s Avanti headphones are light and stylish [Reviews]

Moshi's Avanti headphones are easy to wear and easy to carry. They sound [pretty great too.
Moshi's Avanti headphones are easy to wear and easy to carry. They sound [pretty great too.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Lust List: Avanti On-Ear Headphones by Moshi

I like the convenience of carrying earbuds in my pocket, but I’ve never liked jamming them in my ears. I love the sound of full-size headphones, but not the bulk.

I’ve discovered a happy middle ground. Moshi’s new $200 Avanti On-Ear Headphones are lightweight, folding headphones that sit atop your ears, not in them or over them.

They’re like a pair of soft pillowy hamburger buns that sound pretty darn great.

Four dramatically distinct options for playing music from your mobile [Deals]

Prop it up and belt it out with this all-in-one speaker stand.
Prop it up and belt it out with this all-in-one speaker stand.
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These days, there are as many options for speakers and headphones as there are stars in the sky. Out of such a bewildering array of audio choices, we’ve picked four of the brightest, each one unique and distinct.

From a Bluetooth speaker that looks like a cajon to DJ-grade headphones, this audio gear makes the grade. And we’ve got hot deals on each of them. Take a look — and a listen.