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How real historical intrigue inspires Game of Thrones

The Lancasters always pay their debts. In blood.

The Lancasters always pay their debts. In blood.

You know nothin’, Jon Snow. Especially how much more full of shifting alliances and intrigue The Wars of the Roses was than your epic television series is able to show. Game of Thrones superfans may already know that 15th-century England inspired much of the structure of George R. R. Martin’s overarching book series, but having it all laid out — lovely animations and visuals to support the historical information — is our first exposure to that fact.

The short animated video, written by Alex Gendler and animated by Brett Underhill, even illustrates how Game of Thrones matches directly to historical facts with some fun Pop-Up Video-style flourishes. You’ll love it.

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HBO’s fictional startup Pied Piper is hiring

Would you want to work for this group of high-acheivers? Photo: HBO

Would you want to work for this group of high-acheivers? Photo: HBO

As I was scrolling down the page over on Facebook, reading the latest posts from friends and family, i noticed a new ad to the right: Pied Piper, the fictional company from HBO’s hit show, Silicon Valley, is hiring!

The ad is pretty convincing; here’s hoping no one actually clicked through hoping for a tech job.

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‘Synergy, bitches’: Silicon Valley premieres right after Game of Thrones

It's getting hot up in here. Photo: HBO

It’s getting hot up in here. Photo: HBO

For nerds of all stripe, this Sunday night will be an imploding black hole of greatness, with the Season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones, and, right after that, the Season 2 debut of our favorite tech-themed dramedy, Silicon Valley.

In the delightfully awkward trailer, you’ll see the boys rounding up their VC resources to compete with Google stand-in Hooli, who’s hot on the Pied Piper trail to get their algorithms for data compression to market first.

Get your Apple TV ready, because Sunday is all HBO.

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How Jimmy Iovine got HBO Now on Apple TV and iOS

HBO Now. Photo: HBO

Jimmy Iovine played a key role bring HBO Now to Apple. Photo: HBO

HBO finally unleashed its Netflix-killer today with the HBO Now app for iOS and Apple TV. The company is already having a hard time keeping up with demand on the streaming service, but according to a profile on HBO CEO Richard Plepler CEO, the original plan was to launch it at the end of 2016.

Today’s launch may not have happened it if weren’t for Apple executive Jimmy Iovine, who sparked the connection between HBO and Apple. After Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch made a hostile bid to takeover of Time Warner last year, Plepler says he knew he need to pivot the company. So he called up his old buddy Jimmy and asked if Apple would be interested in an HBO Now deal.

“I think that’s the shit,” Jimmy said.

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Sesame Street parody makes Game of Thrones look absolutely adorable

Get ready for Game of Chairs. Photo: Sesame Street

Get ready for Game of Chairs. Photo: Sesame Street

We can’t wait for Game of Thrones to make its fifth season debut next Sunday filled with all the mystery, violence and betrayal that have cemented the fantasy epic as one of TV’s best shows.

We don’t recommend letting your kids tune into the newest episodes, but Sesame Street gives kids the next best option with a funny parody of the hit HBO show that pits Joffrey, Daenerys, Tyrion and Cersei in a serious Game of Chairs contest. Ned Stark does the officiating without managing to lose his head, and Grover makes a surprise power play at the end that could forever change Westeros.

Watch the full clip below.

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HBO coming soon to Sling TV

Sling television interface. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Sling’s television interface. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Dish has reached a new agreement with Turner Broadcasting to keep TBS, TNT, and CNN on its Sling TV service. That’s great news for cord-cutters, but what’s even better is that HBO is coming aboard too — and in time for the new season of Game of Thrones!

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Cue the dragons: New Game of Thrones clips hint at war to come

"Who said anything about him?" --Varrys Photo: HBO

“Who said anything about him?” Photo: HBO

“I believe men of talent have a part to play in the war to come,” says spymaster Varys to Tyrion, the Lannister least likely to beat anyone in a duel.

That’s the takeaway line from one of a pair of new clips out today from HBO’s hotly anticipated Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere, which is slated to air April 12.

Isn’t that (and the newly announced cable-free HBO Now) why you all got a new Apple TV? I know I did.

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The beta nerds of Silicon Valley are back in Season 2 trailer

Photo: HBO

Photo: HBO

Silicon Valley, HBO’s half-hour comedy series about a bunch of nerds trying to change the world with code, is headed back to your television screen in April. HBO posted a trailer for the hotly anticipated Season 2 premiere on its Facebook page Friday to let everyone know.

Check it out below for a ton of slow-motion shots of all your favorite characters with the whole geeky gang back for another run.

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Why HBO’s web-only subscription is great news for Apple TV


Photo: Apple

The death of cable TV bundling is nearly upon us, as signaled by HBO’s announcement today that it will offer an internet-based streaming subscription in 2015.

“That is a large and growing opportunity that should no longer be left untapped,” said HBO CEO and chairman Richard Plepler. “It is time to remove all barriers to those who want HBO.”

That’s big news in an industry that has been incredibly resistant to disruptors like Apple. And the Apple TV specifically stands to gain immensely from this shift towards Hollywood finally selling premium content unbundled.

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‘Thank You’ offers fans a graceful, defanged goodbye to True Blood

It's hard to say goodbye. Photo: John P. Johnson/ HBO

#GoodbyesSuck Photo: John P. Johnson/ HBO

It’s time, Tru Believers, to watch the very last episode of HBO’s vampire romantic drama, True Blood.

Overall, this final episode is slow and sweetly-paced, funneling down from the crazy, too-many-characters and plot lines of the past several seasons to a gentle, musing (and ultimately narratively safe) tale of people trying to find themselves and growing up in the process.

Luckily, since this is TV, they all eventually do. Hoyt and Jessica, Jason and Bridgette, and — of course — Bill and Sookie all find their own version of a happy ending, with very few surprises along the way; it’s a very safe finish to seven seasons of fangbangery.

As always, spoilers ahead. So keep reading at your own peril.

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