iPhone 4S Reportedly Emits 3X The Amount Of Radiation As The Samsung Galaxy S III


I bet you didn’t consider this feature when deciding between an iPhone 4S and an Android device such as the Galaxy S III. The company behind the radiation measurement app Tawkon has released a semi-disturbing infograph (which can be found at the bottom of this post) detailing the SAR (a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the body when exposed to a radio frequency(RF) electromagnetic field) score of various popular smartphones.

Samsung Offering Free App To Help iOS Users Transfer Their Content Over To A Galaxy Device


It’s no secret, Samsung has been crawling under Apple’s skin for quite some time. Now, with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung wants iPhone users to know they can make the switch effortlessly thanks to a free app they’re making available to UK Galaxy devices. The app is called Easy Phone Sync, from developer Media Mushroom, and promises to makes transferring your iOS content over to your new Galaxy device a breeze.

Look Who’s Talking: LG Announces Its Own Voice Assistant Competitor Quick Voice


Thanks to Apple, every manufacturer now feels like they need their own voice assistant and so begins the borderline mental illness campaign of conversing with your phone. Samsung announced their own version S-Voice, which is launching with the new Samsung Galaxy S III in a couple of days. Now, LG has decided to jump on the voice wagon by announcing their own voice assistant service Quick Voice.

Snakebyte To Release New Bluetooth Controller For Android And iOS – Game On!


If you’re a mobile gamer, then you already know the pangs of those on-screen controls. That’s why any serious gamer heads straight for some form of bluetooth controller to get his/her game on. Snakebyte (Sunflex), a company that makes gaming-related peripherals, has announced their plans to sell a new bluetooth gaming controller for Android and iOS. The idroid:con looks to differentiate itself from other bluetooth conrtollers by being the first to have five different functions and come with no app obligation.