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The TabHandler Adds A Handy Handle To Your iPad


The TabHandler is another handle that sticks to the back of your iPad, only it beats the competition in a few ways: First, the permanent circular mount is small enough not to annoy when attached. Second, the handle is almost absurdly useful in its range of positions. And third, the voiceover guy on the video sounds amazing, like he should be selling saddles and lassos to cowboys, not iPad accessories to soft-skinned cubicle-dwelling troglodytes (cublodytes) like us.

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Gripster, The iPad Handle Cool Enough For A Hipster

Gadgets with handles are dorky as hell: just ask anyone who owned one of the original Toilet-Seat iBooks about the teasing they endured. But handles are also, well, dead handy – just ask those same iBook owners.

The folks at Native Union have tried to mitigate the inherent dorkiness of the Gripster iPad case by picturing it being held by hot, hot models in the product photos. The usefulness, though, needs no disguise or apologies.

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Octa Adds Sucking Whale Tail To Your iPad (Not A Joke)

There are a few ways to make in iPad easier to hold, and it seems that these methods are getting weirder and weirder. The most obvious answer, employed by almost everyone, is to put the tablet into a case. It’s convenient, protective and — most importantly — it doesn’t change the basic shape of the iPad within.

Another way would be to stick a handle on the thing, making it hard to put into a bag, not to mention making the user — you, in other words — look stupid. And you don’t like to look stupid, do you?

A great example of this second school of thought is Octa’s Tablet Tail, a ridiculous concoction which puts a plastic whale tail on the back of the iPad. Seriously.

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