Apple’s problems blamed on ‘hostile’ corporate culture


Well, time to pack it in and find a new company to write about, I guess!
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Apple’s currently “stumbling” — and it’s the fault of a “negative,” “strict,” and overly “harsh” corporate environment, claims U.K. newspaper The Guardian.

“At Apple, you’re gonna be working 60-80 hours a week and some VP will come yell at you at any moment,” one coder is quoted as saying. “That’s a very hostile work environment.”

Guardian newspaper app delivers a more personalized reading experience



The Guardian — a.k.a. the British newspaper known for breaking news of the Edward Snowden leaks in 2013 — has just launched its new and improved iOS app.

The upgrade adds a cleaner design, alongside a more personalized user experience for iOS users. What this means is ramped-up interactivity, thanks to the integration with GuardianWitness, the newspaper’s user-generated content platform which allows readers to contribute comments, photos, and videos.

Apple Makes Its Samsung Non-Apology A Lot More Boring In UK Papers


Nothing like a normal Apple advertisement, is it?
Nothing like a normal Apple advertisement, is it?

Apple’s statement regarding its battle against the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the United Kingdom has begun to appear in British newspapers today. You’ll have to search carefully if you want to find it, however. Like the statement the company made on its website earlier this month, this one appears without any Apple branding, and with a dull Arial font that attempts to disappear into the background.

Guardian App Gets Even Better With Update, But No Retina Support

The updated Guardian is cleaner and clearer, but still doesn't support retina graphics
The updated Guardian is cleaner and clearer, but still doesn't support retina graphics

The Guardian’s excellent iPad app has been updated to make it cleaner, faster and easier to use. The Guardian is the one Newsstand periodical I pay for because, even though you can get almost all of the same content on the website for free, the app is outstanding.

The new version makes it even better. However, there is one huge omission: support for the new iPad’s Retina Display.

Guardian News App Is Perfect For Newsstand [Review]



The Guardian‘s new iPad app is a triumph. It’s an excellent daily newspaper in tablet form, designed to make the most of the tablet format without over-indulging in it.

I confess: when I first looked at Apple’s new Newsstand app when iOS5 was released last week, I felt nonplussed. There didn’t seem to be any content in the store that I’d want to subscribe to. I became one of the many people who tried to find ways to hide the Newsstand icon altogether.