Mountain Growl Is Like A Liger: One Part Growl, One Part Notification Center



For years, Growl was the good old, third-party standby when it came to OS X notifications, but with Mountan Lion, Apple’s ported Notification Center to OS X, giving everyone a built-in drawer for keeping up with all the little messages their apps send burbling up for attention. Unfortunately, while a lot of apps still use Growl for notifications, these don’t show up in Notification Center.

Growl will eventually be updated with Notification Center support, solving the problem, but in the meantime, here’s another great way to do the same thing: Mountain Growl. Not only will it push all your Growl notifications to Notification Center, but you keep full Growl support, allowing you to continue using remote notifications or Prowl, as well as a lot of granularity of control over the notifications you see.

If you’ve been having a hard time waiting for Growl to get proper Mountain Lion support, this is a good app to try.

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Growl 2.0 Coming With Notification Center Support For Mountain Lion



Before Apple created the Notification Center for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, most of us depended on Growl as the most popular way to get app notifications. Growl has been the best way for developers to display notifications in their apps and was probably one inspiration behind Apple’s Notification Center.

Now that Apple is building notifications into Mountain Lion, many developers have feared the fantastic customizable powers of Growl notifications will become a dead relic. However, a recent post by the Growl team is laying those fears aside, announcing that Growl 2.0 will support Notification Center so that developers have even more options.

Instead Of Getting Sherlocked, Growl Plans To Make Notifications Better In Mountain Lion



Apple has brought the iOS 5 Notification Center to the Mac with OS X Mountain Lion. The new interface displays incoming notifications from different apps in one place, mimicking the functionality of the Mac app called Growl. You’ve most likely used Growl before whether you know it or not, as the tool integrates with many popular Mac apps for displaying notifications through popups.

With the birth of Notification Center on the Mac in Mountain Lion, one would assume that Growl has been sherlocked. According to the app’s developers, that is not the case. In fact, Grow will make Mountain Lion’s notification system even better.

Hiss Pipes Growl Alerts To Mountain Lion Notification Center


Hiss integrates Growl into Notification Center on OX X 10.8
Hiss integrates Growl into Notification Center on OX X 10.8

If you went ahead and loaded the developer preview of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion onto your Mac, you likely already played around with the new Notification Center. Until you got bored and fired up Growl once again so you could enjoy notifications from all your apps, not just Mail and Calendar. Wouldn’t it be great, though, if all those Growl-capable apps could talk to Notification Center instead? With Hiss, they can.