Start the new year paying what you want for new workplace skills [Deals]


Get a complete tour of development for iOS 9.
Get a complete tour of development for iOS 9.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Enter the new year with a head full of new ideas and your wallet full of cash. These bundles on essential web and mobile development courses are brimming with invaluable knowledge that give your professional life an upgrade. They can be yours for whatever you’re willing to pay for them, and a portion of whatever you spend goes to support the good work of Save the Children.

Grotesque bandages make your boo-boos look like horrific wounds


Boo-Boos bandages make ordinary cuts look much worse. Photo: Sherwood Forlee

Blood makes Sherwood Forlee squeamish, it really does. So imagine the surprise of friends who know his weakness when he created a type of bandage for the everyday boo-boo that creates the illusion of a stomach-churning wound that would make most people call 911.

Forlee’s sense of humor is sicker than the images on his Boo-Boos bandages, though. He says he was in a “jovial spirit” when he began drawing up plans for the morbid adhesive strips.

“They look disgusting, but they also look funny,” Forlee told Cult of Mac. “While I was doing the research, I was at the point of quitting. I would google search ‘terrible wounds’ and I could only handle like five minutes at a time.”

Why Steve Jobs replaced the Mac’s  key with ⌘


Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 7.42.40 AM

Graphic designer Susan Kare is iconic — literally. The mastermind behind the friendly 32 x 32 and 16 x 16 icons used in the original Mac operating system, Kare’s work has reached more people than almost any other graphic designer on Earth.

Yet the way she stumbled into designing the icons for the Mac operating system was pretty much a lark, and in a recent presentation at the EG conference in California, Kare spoke a little bit about how she stumbled into the job.

It’s a fascinating talk, not just for the details she shares about early Mac operating system development, but also because Kare finally reveals why Apple switched from the Apple symbol to the Command key.

Get Over 9 Hours Of WordPress Training And Build Your Dream Website [Deals]



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