Crazy Mall War Breaks Out Over World’s Largest Apple Store


Security guards go to war in front of the construction site of a future Apple Store.

A mall war has broken out in China, as one mall is upset at another for working to open the world’s largest Apple Store. Yesterday, Apple put up posters advertising its new Store in the massive Parkland Mall in Dailan China. Neighboring mall Dalian Department Store quickly became concerned and sent its security team to knock the signs over. As you can see in the video below, havoc quickly ensued.

Check Out This Video Walkthrough Of Apple’s Huge New Grand Central Location



We’ve seen a lot of images of the inside of the new Grand Central Terminal Apple Store ahead of its Friday grand opening scheduled for 10AM, but up until I saw this three-minute YouTube video walking through it, I had no idea just how big the space was.

It’s just huge. I suppose it would have to be, given the amount of traffic this store is going to get, but even so, it’s going to take the average person at least a few minutes to walk from one end to the other.

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Apple’s New Grand Central Store Looks Awesome Inside — Here’s More Pictures! [Gallery]


Image courtesy of jennydeluxe on Instagram

We published a couple images of the inside of Apple’s new Grand Central store in New York yesterday, which is due to open on Friday, December 9. Plenty more images are set to surface later on today, with media entering the store for the first time at 10 AM local time.

However, someone with a camera seems to have already gained entry, because we now have even more photos of this terrific store.

New Grand Central Apple Store To Open At 7 AM For Early Commuters


apple grand central render

Apple’s new store in Grand Central Terminal is set to open its doors this Friday, December 9, and the company has added a new page to the retail section of its website that provides some information on the new store. In addition to its official address, the page also reveals that the store will open at 7 AM Monday to Friday to accommodate early commuters.