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Tiny GPS Cookie Logger Runs On AAA Batteries And Uses MicroSD Cards


Richard Haberkern’s new GPS Cookie looks like a great little data logger for photographers, and a nice tracker for bikers, hikers and vacationers. It’s a tiny little puck which does nothing but detect GPS satellites and record it’s location periodically, so you can just switch it on an forget it.

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ForeverMap 2 Gets iOS 7 Update, Great New Features


ForeverMap 2’s brand-new update is ostensibly an iOS 7 makeover. But if you’re a regular user, one look at v3.3 will tell you that it has been improved almost everywhere.

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Get A Grip On All Your Handheld Devices With The GripGo Universal Car Mount [Deals]

CoM - gripgo_mainframe_630x473

I remember when my mother used to drive around with a relatively new invention back in my childhood: a notepad that was use a suction cup mechanism to stick to the windshield of the car. She was a realtor, so she liked to have something easily accessible so she could make notes without having to fumble for a piece of paper and pen (which was also attached to the mechanism).

While this device wouldn’t have been practical for me (I’m left-handed), I’ve found in recent years that I am using my iPhone in my car for things like its GPS capabilities, to stream Rdio through my car stereo, and have my task manager at the ready for when I’m running errands. That’s why the GripGo Universal Car Mount is really appealing to me – and Cult of Mac Deals is currently offering it for just $13.99.

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The iPhone 5s M7 Motion Coprocessor Is Way, Way More Useful Than You Think [Opinion]



The M7 Motion Coprocessor (MoCoPro?) in the iPhone 5s is something of a mystery beast. It’s function is clear – it is an always-on low-power chip that processes data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass in your iPhone – but its eventual purpose is still a little unclear. So why don’t we do some speculation?

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An Algorithm Can Now Predict Where Your iPhone Will Be In 24 Hours


We already know that companies can track our location in real-time through a smartphone’s GPS and serve deals or ads relevant to your location, but what if your iPhone could predict where you’re going to go in 24 hours?

A group of researchers have created an algorithm that uses location tracking data on people’s phones to predict where they will be 24 hours from the present. Shockingly, the average error is within a mere 20 meters.  

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Navigation App Localscope Also Goes Free for The App Store’s Anniversary [Daily Freebie]


By now you’ve probably caught wind of the short list of great apps that’ve gone free in celebration of the App Store’s fifth anniversary (if you haven’t grabbed these apps yet, take a look now before all the free ends).

Missing from that list of free apps is Localscope, a fantastic navigation and discovery tool that Apple called the best navigation app of 2011.

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GeoTagBee: Ultra-Simple iPhone Geotagging App

GeoTagBee is a brand-new iPhone app for recording your wanderings in order to geotag photos later. Yes, it’s my new obsession. GeoTagBee’s stand out feature is its simplicity, although it manages to pack in some neat features anyway. Let’s take a look:

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Facebook To Buy Navigation App Waze For Up To $1 Billion [Rumor]


Facebook is reportedly in advanced talks to acquire mobile navigation app Waze for between $800 million and $1 billion. Talks between the two companies began around six months ago, and a term sheet has already been signed, according to business daily Calcalist.

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Bike-On GPS App Is As Disappointing As Most Cities’ Cycling Infrastructure

Bike-On is a turn-by-turn GPS app for cyclists. Unfortunately, like a bike lane that dumps you in the middle of a busy intersection, it is half finished. And to continue the metaphor, you’re probably better off just using a car GPS app.

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iPhone Users Will Get Navigation, Text Messages On Google Glass [Rumor]


While Google Glass is already compatible with iPhone, some of its killer features — including turn-by-turn navigation and text messaging — require a companion app that’s currently only available on Android. But according to one Google employee, Glass will soon be able to offer these features no matter what device it’s connected to.

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