Surprise, Surprise: Google Is Also Working On A TV Streaming Service


Just about every major tech company is working on two untapped product categories right now: wearable technology and streaming television over the internet. Apple is trying to draw in TV networks with advertising incentives, and even Intel is working on its own TV service.

It should come as no surprise that Google has been in talks with media companies about streaming premium TV over the internet. The company has reportedly demoed its new product to cable executives, but it’s still up to the networks to jump on board.

Intel Plans To Launch Set Top Box To Compete With Rumored Apple TV



Every TV manufacturer on the planet is racing out with a smart TV to compete with the rumored Apple television set that may or may not be released in 2013 or 2014. Rather than waiting to see what happens, Intel is ready to jump into the action with their own device.

According to a new report, Intel has developed a virtual cable TV service along with a set top box that they think will help them win the war to control your living room.

Google Continues To Streamline Motorola In A Bid To Beat The iPhone


Google doesn't have time to focus on products like this. It has an iPhone to beat.

Google is gearing up to offload Motorola’s set-top box business as it looks to concentrate its efforts on competing with Apple’s iPhone. The company has been trying to sell Motorola Home Business, which supplies set-top boxes to cable television providers, for around $2 billion, and it has reportedly received multiple offers already. Once it’s gone, Google will focus on high-end smartphones.

Google Wants To One-Up Apple With New AirPlay Competitor



AirPlay is one of Apple’s killer features in iOS or the Mac. As long as you have an AirPlay-compatible speaker or, better yet, an Apple TV in range, you can automatically stream video or audio to another device, all without pairing first.

Now according to a new report, Google wants to not only launch its own bonafide AirPlay competitor, but one-up AirPlay by offering true second screen capabilities to customers using Android devices with their Google TVs.