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Feed Wrangler Now Imports Google Reader Folders As Smart Streams

Hey RSS refugees (RSS-u-gees?). Did you sign up for a Feed Wrangler account so you could import all your Google Reader feeds and keep using them in something like the Excellent Mr. Reader app? Me too. And did you see that Feed Wrangler pretty much just ignored all your carefully thought-out and painstakingly organized folders, instead dumping all your feeds into one big list? So you thought “Screw this” and used the free Feedly instead?

Me too.

But Feed Wrangler has now tweaked its import engine so all your folders will be converted into Smart Feeds. Better still, you just need to re-import your exported Google Reader OPML file and it’ll fix everything up for you.

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An Apple User’s Guide To Feedly, The Best Overall Google Reader Replacement


July 1st has come and gone, and Google Reader is dead. The beloved RSS aggregator has been an invaluable tool for legions of news junkies throughout the years, but it wasn’t popular enough for Google to keep it running.

You can look at Google Reader’s death two ways: as either a misfortune, or an opportunity.

In the wake of Reader’s demise, numerous RSS platforms have sprung up, and many of them have built upon what made Reader great. Enter Feedly.

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Reeder For iPhone Gets Support For Feedly And Feed Wrangler


Reeder for iPhone, one of the best Google Reader clients on iOS, just got a new update that introduces support for Feedly and Feed Wrangler. The release comes just a day after Google Reader reached its end, and you can expect the same for Reeder for iPad, and Reeder for Mac in the coming weeks.

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Reeder For iPhone Gets Support For Google Reader Alternatives, Goes Free


The developer behind Reeder, one of the best Google Reader clients for iOS, has confirmed that the app’s development will continue after Google Reader is closed on July 1. The app will soon receive an update which will bring support for a number of Google Reader alternatives, and if that wasn’t enough, it’ll be free on the iPhone starting today.

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Forget Google Reader: Mr. Reader 2.0 Now Supports Six Great Alternatives [Review]

Forget Google Reader: Mr. Reader 2.0 Now Supports Six Great Alternatives [Review]

Mr. Reader, my favorite RSS reader for the iPad, has added support for a slew of third party sync services. Thus this new 2.0 version places the app at the head of the line when it comes to rescuing you from the impending Google Reader shutdown.

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Digg Reader Beta Starts Rolling Out To Testers Ahead Of iOS App Release


Digg Reader, the service hoping to secure as many Google Reader users as it can when the service closes on July 1, has just begun rolling out in beta to early testers. The news comes just as the official Digg Reader app for iOS is expected to hit the App Store.

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Even AOL Has Its Own Google Reader Replacement


Every day there seems to be a new alternative to Google Reader, the beloved RSS aggregator Google will bury once and for all on July 1st. Services like Feedly and Newsblur are already established with millions of users, and Digg has a service launching next week. Now AOL—yes, the company formerly known as America Online—even has a RSS reader.

You can sign up to get access to the private beta on a new webpage. That’s all we really know at this point. AOL will assumedly email people when it’s ready to let them in. Since it’s AOL, don’t hold out with too high of hopes. A lot of people (including this writer) are having trouble loading the website today.

But hey, I guess if Digg can do it, anyone can?

Feedly RSS Service Updated With Cloud Sync, Making It Top Google Reader Alternative

happy-retirement-google reader

While alternate RSS services have started popping up left and right in the wake of Google Reader’s death sentence, the strongest contender so far is certainly Feedly. In a few months, the service already has 12 million users and a pretty sophisticated platform.

Today Feedly officially turned on its own cloud sync, effectively cutting ties from Google Reader for good. The web app has also been redesigned to adapt to multiple browsers on different screen sizes without the need for a plugin.

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Digg’s Google Reader Replacement Will Be Ready To Launch On iOS June 26th


Google Reader’s execution date is set for June 30th, so the team at Digg has been busy working on build a replacement as fast as possible. Digg Reader isn’t ready to go quite yet, but the company has started testing its new app and  announced that it will be ready to go live on June 26th.

Digg posted an update on its progress to replacing Google Reader this morning and stated that the team’s initial launch goals are to satisfy power-users with easy onboarding from Google Reader, a clean reading experience, and useful mobile apps.

Here’s what Digg had to say on its site about the upcoming launch:

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Feedly Adds Support For A Bunch Of RSS Apps Like Reeder


When Google announced the shut down of Google Reader this past March, Feedly stepped up, promising to create its own Reader-like system for other third party RSS apps to connect to, and thereby lessen the impact of Google’s industry-standard takedown.

In a blog post today, Feedly announced the next step of its plan to rule the RSS landscape with the support of several third party RSS apps, including Reeder, Press, Nextgen Reader, Newsify and gReader. I use Reeder on a daily basis on both my Mac and my iPad (which continues to be free until Google Reader actually shuts down its service as of July 1).

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