Take VR photos on iPhone with Google’s new Cardboard Camera app


Creating 360-degree photos for Google Cardboard is now super easy.
Creating 360-degree photos for Google Cardboard is now super easy.
Photo: Google

Google has finally brought its popular Cardboard Camera app to iOS today, allowing iPhone and iPad users to take perfect VR photos and share them with friends.

Watch out Instagram. If Google has its way, 3D 360-degree photos are about to become the new selfie.

Speck’s clever folding headset brings VR to iPhone

Pocket-VR makes taking your headset anywhere easier than ever!
Photo: Speck

It’s not easy to find a good VR headset for iPhone that’s easy to carry around. Google Cardboard will probably get crushed in your bag, and more robust models made out of plastic are just too bulky. But Speck has an awesome solution.

It’s called Pocket-VR, and it’s an iPhone-compatible virtual reality headset that folds up so small, you can easily fit it into your pants.

Coca-Cola boxes can now transform into iPhone VR viewer


Why buy an Oculus Rift when you can get VR with Coke?
Why buy an Oculus Rift when you can get VR with Coke?
Photo: The Coca-Cola Co.

Recycling is great. Reusing is even better, which is why Coca-Cola’s new packaging that can double as a VR viewer for iPhone one of the coolest and greenest innovations we’ve seen so far this year. 

The new packaging prototype transforms a traditional 12-pack box made from recycled cardboard into a Google Cardboard-esque VR viewer. Coca-Cola doesn’t have immediate plans to release the new packaging, but it probably wouldn’t take much convincing if the right promotional partner came along.   

Three different versions of the VR packaging have already been conceived. Watch demos of all three below:

3 touchy tech topics to avoid at holiday dinners


Place Setting Pixabay
Which fork does one use for seppuku, again? Someone get Miss Manners on this.
Photo: Steve Buissinne/Pixabay

The ever-expanding holiday season is upon us once again, and Cult of Mac wants to help make your obligatory family dinners the least awkward they can be.

We know that a certain amount of discomfort is unavoidable. Kids might have tantrums, Grinches might get a bit too much “holiday spirit,” or some cousin with a beef might have been waiting for everyone to be in the same room before they announce how they really feel about Grandma.

Family drama aside, we have a few tips for conversation tech topics to avoid during dinner to keep everyone as happy and un-yelled-at as possible. It was a big year for tech, but some topics are best left in Internet forums and the comments of your favorite Apple blog.

Google’s new app transforms phones into VR cameras



Google has unleashed a free app that will let anyone with an Android phone take panoramic videos and record sound. Later, you’ll be able to use your virtual-reality headset of choice to relive those moments in 3-D.

The app is called Cardboard Camera, after Google’s own build-it-yourself VR goggles, and it’s available now in the Google Play app store.